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4. Paltan Bazaar

Aditi Shukla
4. Shopping: For those who like shopping or want to take back some nick-knacks, pick some ceramic pieces of the famous ‘Khurja’ work along Rajpur Road uphill. These beautifully hand-made and printed pieces of kitchenware, tableware, soap-dishes, pots, vases and an entire range of utilities are worth every penny. Looking for some unconventional shopping? Head to the local shopping bazaar ‘Paltan Bazaar’, south from the landmark ‘Clock-Tower’ for a congested but good walking experience. Choose from a range of fabrics, ready-made material, souvenirs and cheap clothing to a wide variety of cakes, pastries, samosas and more. For the people who cannot live without shopping at malls, try Crossroads Mall at old Survey Road, Pacific Mall at Rajpur Road and the City Junction Mall at Clement Town. Image: Paul Hamilton