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Sariska Tiger Reserve

Manoj Kandpal
Once you've had an full breakfast on Day 4, you leave for the Sariska tiger reserve at Alwar. At barely 150 kms, you should reach there by noon.Sariska, familiarly a part of the project Tiger in the 1980s is probably the only tiger reserve in the world that has successfully thrived after relocation. Set in a magnanimous 275 sq. kms, it houses about 15 tigers and several other interesting species of birds and animals.
Nirbhay Kumar Singh
So this time Rajasthan... we had planned for Sariska..Tiger Reserve ..170km from Gurgaon...We were 4 friends and i had an experience.. lesser the number more comfortable is your journey...We have decided to leave early Saturday morning..around 6am by self drive...Vitara Brezza..We had done breakfast at Nh8 Mac d...after that our first stoppage was Tijara Jain was an old jain temple and first time i had visited an Jain was an good experience..people were praying with rice and was an new experience..then we had left for sariska..We had reached sariska tiger reserve at 12:30 pm noon..there are 2 time slots of tiger is in morning 6-9 and then 2:30 to 5:30 evening.. tickets can be booked online too and safari can be booked with Guide at Sariska only..The ticket counters opens at 1:30pm so we had done lunch at Sariska Cafe only..then we had booked ticket..the price is Rs 4560/- for one Jeep can be booked on sharing basis of Rs 760/ per head we had booked the full Jeep our guide was Tara Chand..The safari started at 2:30pm that day was Hanuman Jayanti so we couldn't visit the pandupole temple because of can take your own vehicle upto temple..There were 13 tigers left in was really difficult to spot one...We saw..Birds Rufous Tree pie..Deers..So many peacock were there...Sambar.. monkeys and swans...
Aakanksha Magan
Nestled in the Aravallis, Sariska Tiger Reserve is a unique jungle that houses some of the most popular Indian animals. Divided into grasslands, dry deciduous forests, sheer cliffs and rocky landscapes, the varied topography has blessed this park with diverse flora and fauna. Home to India's largest population of peafowl, Sariska National Park also houses many other birds like harbours quail, sandgrouse, golden- backed woodpeckers and crested serpent eagles, among other species. Also the Siliserh Lake on the edge of the park has a large number of crocodiles. It is also home to numerous carnivores including leopard, wild dog, jungle cat, hyena, jackal, and obviously, tiger.
Tatwadarsi Dash
Finally after piercing through many unknown roads we reached our destination at 9 am. We were very much excited to explore tigers in the Safari Jeep. But we were completely broken by hearing that Safari booking was closed at that time. To enjoy a Safari ride, one needs to book before 8 am at the booking counter on the spot or after 2 pm or pre book via online. This was informed to us by the authority of Tiger reserve. We were clueless and precarious ,thinking about our next action plan. As we were unaware about the instructions. But one can take private vehicle into the park on Saturday and Tuesday. And that day was Saturday. Initially we were circumspect to explore the Tiger Reserve on a two wheeler. But I subjugated my hesitation and managed to convince my friend to explore the Tiger Reserve on a two wheeler. We both were scared as well as excited. Many questions were mooting out in my mind. But seeing other people in two wheeler gave us some confidence. So we entered into the Tiger Reserve in search of tigers.