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9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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Rs 900 for adults' general guided tour, Rs 800 for children (3-12 years) general guided tours, Rs 1900 for adults' star rated guided tour with food, Rs 1600 for children (3-12 years) star rated guided tour with food.
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Ramoji Film City

Established in the year 1996 by the Indian filmmaker and producer Ramoji Rao, this film city also features in the list of the Guiness Book of World Records. This is the largest integrated film city of the country and is extremely well equipped. It is like a mini world inside this place with artificial houses, amusement parks, waterfalls, water bodies, markets and so much more. It is at present also a tourist attraction and recreation center which cannot just be missed on a trip to Hyderabad.
Tulika Todi
Ramoji Film City is built over 1666 acres of land and is the largest integrated film city in India. It is a popular tourist place in Hyderabad and shows up on almost every tourists’ checklist, visiting Hyderabad. It is properly constructed and beautified and the process of getting in very seamless and systematic. They have a ticket counter on the very entrance and once you get the tickets, they show you two different ways to enter. The prices of the passes are Rs. 1100/- and Rs. 2100/- respectively. The major difference between the two are the privileges that come along with the second one. You are provided with a full AC coach for film city tour, lunch at one of the buffet restaurants, some freebies, a free adventurous activity and many more. (they have a range to choose from, we chose zip-lining). If you go for the Rs. 1100 pass, there would be cute little red buses to take you around for the tour, from the main film city centre.
Swati Singh
Ramoji Film City : Ramoji Film City had been created in 1991. It is one of the largest film studios in the world with the capacity of almost 50 film units at given point of time. Because of its brilliant architecture and huge capacity it is listed in Guinness Book of World Records. It is situated 20 - 30 km away from Hyderabad. It has sound technical facilities which is suitable for all the pre and post production of a film.It has various sets like Munna Bhai MBBS, TajMahel, Hawa Mahel, London Street, Hollywood signage, Japanese gardens, airport, hospital and the most amazing BAHUBALI set.It is required to have one full day to visit RFC, to cover all the sets and scenes and enjoy the location.
Shubham Choudhary
He told me not to roam in and around 3rd floor, I said why? But he remained silent. I am not an adamant follower of what someone says something. I said to myself why not, let's do it tonight the third floor. Hyderabad is a beautiful city to be loved for its history, culture and even cyber. Besides Charminar, Chowmallah mahal and Hussain lake, the much amazing place is Ramoji Film city.It is the biggest film city all around the world adding to it, there is a wonderful park in it to spend a day with memorable photos. One can completely spend his day in this city. The less known thing is that it is haunted, It has several reported cases of famous actors complaining about paranormal phenomenon. I heard some people talking about this and being a lover of unimaginable stories, I put my ears on them. I was laughing on my own wits and their sense of serious tone on which they were talking. I was not the one who believe their fake stories, but things were going out of my mind when I returned to hotel in evening.The most common rumour is that the whole city is built on war ground or battlefield of Nizams and there are spirits of soldiers who had died there roaming in search of their afterlife. I don't know this is true or not but no doubt its interesting.I had in my mind that I am not allowed to go in 3rd floor, but I was not the one who will remain quiet after being said so. Around eleven in the night I came out of my room and started wandering in the hotel and suddenly one hotel staff person was coming from third floor and I questioned that I was not permitted to go to the third floor but now you are coming calmly from there. I was angrily questioning him. He in a firm voice replied it's going to 12'O clock soon don't go there, it is the most crucial time when she come. I said but who comes and why you are horrified, he said goodnight sir and never saw back.I was wondering who will come and why everyone is so frightened, but I was on another trip and I was like "chal dekh ke aate kaun aayega" and I went to the third floor and no one was there and I was surprised that one must be there to make me afraid but not to our expectations. I was slowly moving outside the rooms and a slow amusing voice was coming from front, I don't know from where it was coming but I am sure it must be a song may be not in English or Hindi, it must be in another language otherwise I would have identified the song.Now, I was excited and afraid at the same time, but that adrenaline rush was pushing me to go further and I slowly started moving and soon I was in front of Room No. 321, the last room of that floor and now I was sure that song was coming out of that room. It had a old rusty door like that was never opened for years but that music was still in my ears and I tried to peep in that room by keyhole and what I found was that their is little girl dancing in the room with music playing but everything was not clear I was not able to see her face or anything in that room. It was not horrific to see a little girl dancing in the room but what questioned me why hotel staff was afraid to come to third floor. I in the end, in a positive note assumed that she might be a hotel guest and enjoying her moments its not good to disturb at this hour.Later in the morning I called hotel staff and asked why everyone is afraid and I told him about what I saw last night. The staff was awestruck and questioned that you had actually seen her. I said Haan! but what is the problem? He was not able to say anything and I was constantly worrying what is the big fuss about it.
Swati Keshri
Ramoji film city in Hyderabad is well known for being one of the largest film studios in the world. Spread across an area of almost 2500 acres, it is one of the major filmmaking facility of the country. It can accommodate close to 50 film units at the same time and offers a wide gamut of film sets such as London Street, Hollywood sign, Japanese gardens, airport, hospital, etc. The recent addition to its array of sets is the Mahishmati city set for the movie Bahubali. Well, I would say that it "looked giant" on the screen. Offscreen, it looked much smaller! Judge for yourself!
shradha Jain
#Hyderabad_Trip I went Hyderabad for 2 days.I visited Charminar gate, Hussain Sagar lake,ramoji film cityThe main attraction of Hyderabad is Ramoji film it's worth place in Ramoji every thing you found according to everyone interest like Rides,film city, butterfly park where all kind of butterfly are there bird century in bird century black swan are there some restaurant are good in quality, quantity and also in reasonable rate  . restaurant like chutney's baby corn dosa ,pudina dosa are attraction of chutney's.World famous restaurant are there pista house Badam paneer are too yummy it's famous for non-veg and veg lovers.weather are hot in Hyderabad now a days if everyone going to Hyderabad so once visit Ramoji film city.