Sam Sand Dunes Desert Jaisalmer 1/77 by Tripoto

Sam Sand Dunes Desert Jaisalmer

Priya Parashar
Our next destination was Sam sand dunes, the ideal location to set off for the Desert Safari. Do bargain for a deal of camel and jeep safari (dune bashing) and cultural evening with dinner. We paid Rs.1800 (2 people) for safari and Rs.1000 for cultural program. (They usually quote very high, start from half of what they say). To have a feel of the desert, you need to undertake Desert Safari. Dune bashing was an ultimate experience. You should definitely try. Our driver was a young lad but he was simply great. Camel safari was also fun. The experience is great especially when you go around sunset. The camel guy charged us some 200 bucks more to take us farther into sand. Sure the dunes don't stretch on forever, but they are certainly big enough to have some fun. thankfully, the tourist season was yet to start so it wasn’t that crowded.The cultural program arranged was fine.Dinner was pathetic. I would recommend to skip the cultural program. Nothing much exciting and you aren’t missing it on much.
Sabyasachi Mukherjee
Action Packed & Amazing Desert SafariI hardly believed that Mahindra Thar is a full time SUV. Plus I never expected how enthralling desert safari can actually be. The camp makes arrangements for Safari rides (INR 1200 for 1 Safari).They took us deep into the desert where we saw for the first time flying cars in the middle of the sand dunes. We almost spontaneously knew that we have made a crazy deal with this. Full throttle, the drags, flying sands, drifts & OMG. For almost 20 Min we have just saw what we have never experienced or even heard before.We had a break for snacks at a small tea stall. We had maggie and tea made from camel milk. We also had a chance to see an act from a street player who had a very unique and old music instrument. There were even folk dancers on the other stall showing their skills. After some 15 min, we again boarded back and the crazy show resumed after. Later we came back to the camp after some 40 min.Post that we went for camel safari (complimentary with camp booking) for the sunset view. With the slow moves, we reached to a point where the sun sank down in the golden thar desert. It was lighter dark and we headed back to our camp for the remaining activities there.Once we reached our camp, the camp representative asked us to join the evening folk dance show and music night. We freshen up and headed towards the center of the camp where proper sitting arrangements were already placed. There were many visitors who came just to see the event. The bonfire was lit and came the dancers and acrobats on the backdrop of the folk music, Amazing and Mesmerizing. Hot tea and snacks were served in between to refuel up.With the night gazing high, we had an awesome veg Rajasthani dinner and called it a day.
Tanvi S
From here, we left for our long awaited drive to Jaisalmer!!! What a drive this had been. With windmills around and smooth roads, our drive was just worth everything. We directly went to Sam where we had booked a tent through MMT again for night stay. We wanted to experience tent in the thar desert! We went to jeep safari! This is must do! The way jeep is drove is suppppper adventurous and risky if you dont hold yourself right. We were taken to thar desert and there we enjoyed the sunset. After coming back, we enjoyed cultural show and dinner here and signed of to sleep on chilly night. The tent owners gave us 3-4 blankets to rid the cold and boy, we had an awesome night and sleep.
Avinash Jha
4. Camp Stay at Sam Sand DunesGet ready to feel the essence of Rajasthan in a luxury camp at Jaisalmer. Enjoy the delicious meal and bask in the cultural program conducted in the camp.
Avinash Jha
3. Cultural Evening at Sam Sand Dunes
Avinash Jha
2. Jeep Safari and Camel Safari at Sam Sand Dunes
We finally reached the most awaited – Sam sand dunes of the Thar.This was the city’s soul. Everything came to life when the rays of the sun danced in the sand hills giving it a sparkling golden glow.
Rohith Girish
After visiting all the attractions around Jaisalmer, we reached SAM Sand Dunes, the actual name of the sand dunes that dot the Thar Desert. We found our camels patiently awaiting our arrival, with their herders beside them. I will let the pictures speak for themselves..... :-)
DJ Yadav
Let the darkness be the light, and stillness speak for itself.