Suryagarh 1/undefined by Tripoto


No words can do justice to this gorgeous property in the middle of the magnificent desert. Suryagarh, Jaisalmer is one of the best luxury hotels I've stayed at in India. Beating drums welcome you as you set foot into the hotel. You can't help but feel truly royal. Delicious snacks and cool drinks await you inside while the front desk helps you with the check in. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and the windows open up to a brilliant sunrise in the morning. The team is ever so courteous and always on the lookout to assist you in any way they can. The breakfast buffet can be eaten sitting in the charming garden where a tortoise crawls by and Simba, the adorable labrador does his rounds of the hotel. The hotel staff leaves sweet surprises at your bedside every time you come back into your room. I truly had a blissful stay here.