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Bishnoi Village Camp and Resort

sumedha sharma
Sometime we travel for the sake of travelling. Other times, its the stories that drags us towards travelling. For me its the matter of both.The Trek to kheerganga starts from bishnoi village. You can reach there via local bus from Bhuntar. If you are travelling from Delhi you can get a direct volvo to Bhuntar, Kullu. Once you are at bishnoi village you can submit your extra luggage to any local shop for Rs. 50 per day charge.Suggestion: Please rent a stick that will help you in your trek towards Kheerganga.If you want to take rest for a day before starting the trek you can check-in at Tosh cafes which is hardly 2 kms from Bishnoi.
Veeral Pathak
Meet the Bishnois (You got to see it, to believe it) Rinku told us about this small hamlet – Bishnoi situated just at a distance of 22 km from Jodhpur city. Rinku introduced us to Kishanlal, our village safari guide. So, we mounted on his jeep and headed for our safari. He enlightened us about the tales of the Bishnoi Tribe. Bishnoi is a place untouched of consumerism. History of Bishnoi The villagers of Bishnoi are basically the first environmentalists of India, hardcore worshippers of nature. Bishnoi means 29 (Bish means 20 and noi means 9) Bishnoi village sect was established by Guru Jambheshwar and his followers has to abide 29 rules, regulations and principles that were given by Guru Jambheshwar. The primary law was to conserve animals and trees to completely abolish the practice of hurting environment. Culture of Bishnois The Bishnoi tribe cultivates opium for religious purpose and some consume it too claiming that opium triggers appetite and helps fight insomnia. Millet is major crop of this village. The Rajasthani costumes speak about the rich traditions and culture. The men traditionally wear white dhoti, shirt and colorful turbans. Unmarried girls generally wear pada, pothdi, puthia and odhna. The costume of a married woman constitutes of bright colored odhna, ghaghra, kanchli, kurti and dhabla. Large circular Nose-rings is a common feature which can be seen on married women. Wildlife Herds of deer, black-buck, chinkara and neel gai (antelope) can be seen in Bishnoi villages roaming without fear. Peacocks can be seen frolicking in the courtyards of the villagers.