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Cafe De Tavern

Megha Dasgupta
The rain has stopped and the weather was really mesmerizing. I found out this amazing place called ' Cafe de Tavren'. It has a formal dining space on first floor and a romantic cozy space on ground floor with a balcony like view towards the street. The exterior facade was itself quite inviting with cobble cladding on wall, a small steel railing and a chic signage. The place seemed friendly and a perfect space for a lone traveler like me. I chose a secluded yet brightly lit space for myself from where I could see all the happenings inside the cafe as well as on the street. The food was marvellous and very well presented. I could not try a lot of cuisines from their menu since I decided by this time that I will be going to all other cafes and restaurants trying one dish at each place just for the sake of enjoying and living the ambiance. The food accompanied by soul stirring music of Sona Mohapatra and Indian ocean was enough for me to sit inside the cafe a little longer than I thought.