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Cafe Ivy

Arunima Kumar
The best cafe with best hilltop view is "Cafe Ivy". They takes your breath away, first with their view and next is their food.
Vidhi Bubna
1. Cafe Ivy - This restaurant is on a beautiful mountain and it overlooks a wide array of pine trees just below. The best time to go here is during sunset. You have to try their pastas, pizzas and their hot chocolate. It costs as much as an average restaurant in the city. INR 700 for two. But the ambience makes this place the best. It is located in Landour.
Nayan Das
We entered Café Ivy at dusk and we still full from some snacks we had munched on earlier that evening. There was hot chocolate on the menu and we were not hesitant to order two cups. We sat there talking about our lives, books and the sunset. In that moment we had made our own bubble for a little while, keeping all our troubles aside. We walked back to Mall Road and the downhill trek was fun in its own way. We crossed another restaurant on the way, Doma. It was only the next day did we realise that Mr Bond resided somewhere close by. How we would have loved to catch a glimpse of Rusty sipping his tea and working on a book or something!