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Clock Tower Cafe

Vidhi Bubna
8) Take a walk around the Clock Tower cafe -The Clock Tower Cafe is a cozy little space inside the town and is in distinct contrast to the shops and buildings around it. The entrance to the cafe is very hep - the door is like telephone booth door with a sign on it that says “ the last car that was parked here was never seen again”. I was intrigued and it felt like I was entering a space of fun and adventure. The interior of the cafe is very casual and friendly. Its interiors are lit with yellow lights and have a very fun vibe to the space with its quirky captions and quotes on the red brick walls of the cafe. The walls of the cafe had pictures of Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe and other pop artists on them which made the atmosphere relatable.After a day of exploration we were famished so the first priority was ordering our food. It was easier said than done as they were so many options to choose from but we finally settled for a the roasted vegetarian sizzler with rice and schezwan momos. The dishes were very well prepared, the sizzler specifically was delicious, it was seasoned with garlic and was served inside a roasted cabbage which was shaped like a flower which I found very unique. This reminded me of the beautiful flowers that lined the stone walls of the manor and even in the chaos of the cafe I found myself at peace.
This place was right next to where I was staying in Landour. The view from where I sat was surreal. I again went for some hot chocolate and momos. Also placed an order of fries. The food was delectable and so was the ambiance. The place seemed perfect for my solo trip stop-over and a cosy place to spend some time reading my favourite book. The Vegetarian dimsums or as we call Momos were scrumptious. The chilli chutney served along was extra spicy and tingling. The french fries were perfect too. Hot chocolate was okay. Could have been better.