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Lal Tibba Scenic Point

Yash Soorma
We reached the place at 6:50 and the sunrise was at 7:02 , the view was phenomenal , we racked up the stairs , the place was owned by some individual and he charged us ₹50 per person to go up to the roof and enjoy the view and click pictures as long as we want , he was a little fussy that the place opens at 8 but somehow we convinced him to open it early.
Highest peak of Mussorie, Lal Tibba. We started again from Library Chowk the 2nd day. The view is picturesque. There are proper road, you won't find any trek. Its around 11 km from Library Chowk. The road to the Scenic Point is full of scenic beauty, but the final destination might disappoint you. There is just a cafe at the Scenic Point and they will charge you 50 rs/person to go to their terrace to enjoy the view. The cafe was quite crowded and over-priced. It was around 6 km from Library Chowk. While returning we haulted at the famous Chardukan at Landour region. This place has four small shops. You can enjoy various type of tea, maggi and delicious pancakes here. We reached back by 8 pm as the roads were super crowded with Dussehra Jhanki's. There was Ravan Dahan at the Library Chowk along with Ramleela.
Yasmin Mirza
Lal Tibba : This is the point on the top of mussoorie from where you can see the beautiful Mussoorie view. Cable cars will be here to help you to reach the point. This will cost 120-140 per person. This is the point from where you can see Kedarnath and some part of himalayas but whether should be clear to see this.
Neha Rai
At last day we only visited Lal tibba via trekking which is Scenic point. Picture of snow covered Himalaya are visible through telescope. two cafes are there you can order cold coffee and maggiee which is again famous otherwise you can order as per preferences. The roads to lal tibba was really scenic and beautiful. you can't take your eyes off.
Ragul P G
Lal Tibba: