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Arunima Kumar
While going back from Landour to Picture Place, we crossed a mini tibetian town which has their little beautiful stupa.
Arunima Kumar
P.S. Adjacent to it is Ruskin Bond's house. You can catch him, if you are lucky enough.
A lot of us dream of leaving the busy cities and moving to mountains to live a life of clean air and unadulterated peace.But there are very few who actually leave the rat race behind and pull it off.In this series I'll be in search of such inspirations and real life stories to decipher that is the grass really greener on the other side.Now if there's one place where I have to start this search it has to be LANDOUR. Even though it’s just 5 kms and a thousand feet away from Mussoorie, it's a world apart. My Love Affair with Landour started 3 years ago, when the fragrance of idyllic walks amidst Cedar and Pine forests, the casting spell of the bells of the nearby church, the charm of British era colonial bungalows, and the aura of windows overlooking snow peaked mountains, caressed not only my body, but my soul as wellAnd in these pristine surroundings lies LA VILLA BETHANY the home of Sunita and Amarjeet Kudle, who after working for more than a decade in Mumbai & Delhi, had finally decided that it was time to follow their dreamsSo If you need a little motivation to change the course of your life, let these stories be your catalyst.La Villa Bethany:
Nancy Johri
Diksha Bhandari
We woke up early because we knew it’s gonna be a long day. We started walking from our hotel and hiked all the way to Laal Tibba which is a good 7-8 km hike from Library Chowk. It’s one of the highest points of Mussoorie situated 2275 meters above sea above level.