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Landour Bakehouse

Landour Bakehouse
Arunima Kumar
Your Landour is incomplete, if you do not go to this very Special Bakehouse Cafe. Landour Bakehouse serves the finest quality of desserts and mouth watering sweets that melts your heart.
Vidhi Bubna
9) Visit the legendary Landour Bakehouse -This dreamy space overlooking the mountains is located ten minutes away from the manor by a walk. It can also be accessed by the car provided by the hotel. In most of the cases my friend Sanjna and I walked to the bakehouse and it felt surreal to just reach the bakery and dig into the freshly made scones and the artfully made almond rose cakes, eclairs, chocolate chip cookies, muffins amongst all the other things that we ate. This place took us back to the 1840s where people connected over conversations and face to face interactions and not wifi. The exteriors and the interior of the place is very tastefully done and the food delectable - they run out their goodies by afternoon so I would suggest you plan your visit to this dreamy bakery smartly. The bakery has a magnificent window which opens up to the view of the Himalayas. If you are lucky enough, you will find that table empty but it is almost always full.
After seeing the Lal Tibba hill, we moved to Landour Bakehouse, the bakery of Rokeby Manor. The bakery has a nice ambience with lots of bakery food options.
It is a small place a little above the Mall road in Mussoorie. The place is less crowded, more beautiful and a lot calm.