Little Llama Cafe 1/8 by Tripoto
I reached the hotel late night on 15th. The next morning I was under the cold weather and was looking for a cosy and comfortable place to drink some hot liquids. I had seen this cafe before on my previous travels. So I thought to give it a try. The place is located a few minutes on the road towards Landour which is right next to the Picture Palace. The cafe was really comfortable when I stepped in. I sat right next to the window that had a pleasing look of the valley. The clouds came and went. It rained for a while, and then the sun shined in all its glory. Who wouldn't enjoy to sit at a cafe like this? I will! always! I ordered a cup of hot chocolate and some steaming hot chicken momos. The hot chocolate was the best I ever had. I couldn't find a cup of chocolaty goodness like that even in a city like Delhi. The food was delectable as well. I spent many hours sitting there writing about my travels and some poetry. I plan on returning to the place again and spend some more time talking to the people there. This time I will try the Chamomile Tea which is a huge hit, as I have heard from other people.