Little Llama Cafe 1/17 by Tripoto

Little Llama Cafe

Abhishek Siroha
Every one travelling on a hill station sure has a goal to indulge in palatable fantasies. Little Lama Cafe sure has a way to help you achieve those desires. Me and a childhood friend of mine traveled to Mussoorie and found this foodie paradise nestled among the outskirts of Mall Road along the hill cliff. The staff is very docile and polite and the food is something one would hate to have not tried.We ordered Chicken Momos and Spaghetti meat balls for supper along with coffee and were not disappointed at all. The taste and temperature of the food served is just tempting having to keep asking you for more. The next morning again we ordered creamy hot chocolate and chicken Lasagna and this was all the food we needed to keep us going for another quarter of the day.The ambiance of the cafe is nice with dim lighting along the hill slope and ambient music which only increases your addiction for good food.Talking about prices, its more than a sweet gift for the easy going traveller, helping him to delve in his gourmet fantasies without burning a hole in his pocket. Average price for two people for a proper meal would be around 500 Bucks.
I reached the hotel late night on 15th. The next morning I was under the cold weather and was looking for a cosy and comfortable place to drink some hot liquids. I had seen this cafe before on my previous travels. So I thought to give it a try. The place is located a few minutes on the road towards Landour which is right next to the Picture Palace. The cafe was really comfortable when I stepped in. I sat right next to the window that had a pleasing look of the valley. The clouds came and went. It rained for a while, and then the sun shined in all its glory. Who wouldn't enjoy to sit at a cafe like this? I will! always! I ordered a cup of hot chocolate and some steaming hot chicken momos. The hot chocolate was the best I ever had. I couldn't find a cup of chocolaty goodness like that even in a city like Delhi. The food was delectable as well. I spent many hours sitting there writing about my travels and some poetry. I plan on returning to the place again and spend some more time talking to the people there. This time I will try the Chamomile Tea which is a huge hit, as I have heard from other people.