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Rokeby Manor

Vidhi Bubna
While my friend and I were staying at the Rokeby Manor, we wanted to go and explore places in and around Landour. We did not want to visit the cliched places and we were looking for offbeat places to go to. The hotel has an entire directory of places we had never heard of. There were pages and pages filled with Mussoorie’s secrets which lay in our room. We made a list and went to a lot of these charming places together. This list of places is compiled out of the hotel’s directory which was in our room and it is nothing short of a list of Mussoorie’s well kept secrets.
Vidhi Bubna
I visited a mysterious property in Landour which not alot of people have heard of. It is called Rokeby Manor. There are various myths which float around about the manor and since I have been there, I know that these aren’t myths at all. Springing right out of a fictional story or a poem, The Rokeby Manor is wonderland for those seeking to escape from their lives and enter a fictional story themselves. Here are 8 myths about the Rokeby Manor which are in fact a reality.Myth 1: The stars shine upside down at this property -Here, as I sat by the crackling fireplace, I found the peace that I was looking for. Overlooking Dehradun, at night the valley view from the property looks like the sky has turned upside down with the light of the buildings in Dehradun shining brighter than stars. This view of Dehradun made me realize that I was living far from the city and I need not worry about a job I need to find or a university that I need to apply to. I had found my solitude there as soon as I had reached at 3 AM at night. The bus journey had totally been worth it.
Vidhi Bubna
The Rokeby Manor in Landour has a fairytale vibe surrounding it. Rising against the background of the Himalayan mountains this mansion from the 1840s was the perfect getaway for me and my friend this weekend. This dreamy stone castle with its tasteful decor and homely living rooms and fires had my heart from the very the moment I stepped in through its heavy oak doors. I needed my space from the monotony of life and coming here was one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you are wondering how, let me tell you about everything that I did there. This is your virtual tour to the Rokeby Manor. Here's a list of the top 10 things at the Rokeby Manor that we indulged in and we recommend you all to do the same.1) Bask in the sun in a Jacuzzi by the mountains - The Jacuzzi was a timeless space for me. Early in the morning donning on our bathing suits my friend Sanjna and I headed to the Jacuzzi to luxuriate in the inviting warm waters. I did not know what to expect since this was my first jacuzzi experience. As I climbed the steps leading to the Jacuzzi, I was surprised and excited - nestled within a dense foliage of green was the tub with crystal blue bubbling water overlooking the Himalayas. We watched the sun rise and its first rays hitting the waters of the Jacuzzi - a moment that I loved and it soothed my soul. With the birds chirping in the background, sunrays warming my back and jacuzzi waters relaxing my body - I drifted off to a pleasant stupor watching the mountains slowly stirring to life.
Riyanka Roy
Landour can be a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi.It was a randomly planned trip, when I left for Mussoorie with two of my friends. But when we reached, we realized that there were too many 'Bengalis' and Mussoorie appeared to be 'mini Kolkata'!!In search for calmness, we headed towards Landour - and that's when we landed up at Rokeby Manor - an elegant 19th Century manor which has been turned to a boutique hotel.(Landour is about 45mins to an hours drive from Mussoorie.)They say photographs can reveal more than words. So I would rather put a pause here, and show you how it was all like...
To get a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, we decided to visit Mussoorie, the Queen of hills. After a long search on various sites and reading reviews about different stay options, we came across by Rokeby Manor, in Landour cantt , Mussoorie.So we started early in the morning(around 6 am)on 22 Aug from ludhiana. Only the two of us(me and my husband), long drive, awesome weather, soothing music and nice roads.We decided to choose the way... Ludhiana>Ambala>Yamunanagar>Paonta Sahib>Herbertpur>Dehradune>Mussoorie>Our Destinaton. It took us around 7 hours(Distance ~300kms and 2 stays in between) to reach Mussoorie and 40 min(Distance ~35kms) from there to reach RokeBy Manor. Google maps helped us arrive the destination.The way from mussoorie to Landour Cantt is awesome. Narrow lanes, sharp turns, serenity, greenery and cleanliness all around. And one of these sharp turns led us to Rokeby Manor.