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Sisters Bazaar

Rishabh Chauhan
Nayan Das
The next day we had to check out of our hotel and had the entire day before our journey back to Delhi. We visited Hotel Raveena again for a quick meal and decided we were going to Sister’s Bazaar. The place was named after some nuns who resided in the area and was known to be a quiet, peaceful area far from the hustle of the town. We hired a local taxi to drop us off and he agreed to come pick us up if we needed a lift back to Mussoorie. Don’t go to Sister’s Bazaar expecting the world. On the contrary, go with no expectations at all. That is how the place demands to be seen. We reached the bazaar and rightly so, it was empty. We walked down the deserted road and sat on one of the cement barriers looking into the lush mountains in the distance for what seemed like hours. Then, our tummies groaned and we knew it was time for a visit to that bakehouse we had just crossed.Wooden interiors and fine vintage cupboards lined its walls and the windows faced the mountains on the other side. We ordered the honey lemon ginger tea, a cinnamon roll and a strawberry and cream crepe. The food was perhaps the best we had in our entire trip. We were just marvelling at the quality and freshness of the ingredients. The tea was one of a kind, and I would put it up there as the finest I have ever had. And I am from Assam! We cleared our plates in no time. The best part about the place was its price. We were not sure if it was an introductory offer or their regular pricing, but a strawberry and cream crepe for 60 bucks is a great deal, especially for that quality.