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Camp Thar

Ananya Ghosh
Nestled in the valleys of the famous Thar Desert, the Camp Thar Resort in Osian is a traditional desert resort with the idyllic mix of comfort and adventure situated about 60km from the city of Jodhpur. Laid out luminous under the blazing sun, this luxurious camp resort is the perfect winter getaway! For the more adventurous; the accommodation is in basic camps, and for those who prefer the opulent comfort; lavish tents over-looking the endless desert are also available here. However, the most impressive characteristic of these tents is the subtle yet strikingly beautiful Rajasthani touch. From colourful fabrics and heritage inspired designs to impeccable modern-day hospitality; everything is in perfect balance and moderation.Camp Thar Resort in Osian has mainly four types of accommodation facilities for guests with different choices - The Swiss Tents, Luxury Tents, Royal Tents and Traditional Dhani Cottages. The most expensive and elaborate ones are the Dhani Cottages; where one can experience a seamless fusion of traditional living and contemporary comfort. The Swiss Tents being the most economical, include the basic necessities for the average traveller. Personally, I preferred these as I wanted to experience the extreme weather conditions in the true sense of camping in a desert!I stayed at Camp Thar for 2 nights and 3 days, doing a lot of the things I love! I spent my time marvelling at the most overwhelming sunsets, walking barefoot on the soft sand, relaxing on swings that were aesthetically placed, and having a ball at the cultural nights around a crackling bonfire. During the day, we went on long camel rides and thrilling desert safaris. And in the quiet nights, my friends and I climbed up into one of the tree houses (Machans), popped a bottle of wine and watched the sky full of glittery stars. Sometimes you don't realise how far away you are from civilisation because there is so much to do there!The food cooked and served by the resort is simple yet mouth-watering. The camp has a vegetarian restaurant. They dish out some authentic Rajasthani foods like Gutte ki Sabzi, Ker Sangri, Dal Baati and Rajasthan i Kadi. To top it all, after every meal there is a sweet dish and some delicacy! In the evenings, we enjoyed some High Tea, under the pink sunset sky in the vast desert. Everything is elaborate and very meticulously presented.Mr. Ajay Chowdary, the hotel manager was very generous and kind enough to organise these delightful activities for us, keep us busy and distract us from the heat. Mr. Surinder Singh, who is also a part of the team at Camp Thar Resort, makes it a point to interact with all his guests. He made sure all of us were comfortable and enjoying the experience. I think making people feel at home is extremely important and the staff here nailed it!All said and done, this resort is 60km away from Jodhpur and we found it a little difficult to hire a car or rickshaw that would drop us all the way to Osian. So, a prior booking for a cab is recommended. We had a tough, one-hour rickshaw ride to the resort but managed to take a cab on the way back.But, if you're up for some adventure along with the numerous luxuries provided, this is one desert resort that should be on your travel list!Use code "FRW10" on your next booking at Camp Thar Osian to avail a 10% discount. Offer valid only to Feet Run Wild followers and readers.
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At night everyone had fun with drinks and DJ. Everyone danced like there is no tomorrow!Day 3: The final day was started very early Day by powerful breakfast at camp. Our group left around 7 because on the final day we wanted to cover Jodhpur city.
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Thewas spent enjoying Camp Thar and views from the camp along with delicious lunch buffet. In the evening we did camel ride while enjoying the sunset. The ship of desert rode us for around 3 kilometers in the Thar Desert, the land of warriors.
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Camp Thar is approximately 50 km from the city of Jodhpur; located in beautiful Osain right in the middle of dunes. The camp offers a lot of interesting stuff including cultural activities along with desert safari and camel ride. The camp was designed beautifully with the delightful blend of modern and traditional decor. The magnificent dunes and stillness of desert transfer you into a different world.