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Bheru Tarak Dham

Khilna Haria
After that we went Bheru Tarak Tirth which is around 18kms from pavapuri were our 6th night was booked. After reaching in room we just relaxed and had lot of gossip.     For dinner we came back to dhaba which was oppositie to Pavapuri tirth. What a yummy Palak panner it was, still cant forget the taste. Here ends our day in full of relaxing mode.
Khilna Haria
     Bherutarak is also a big tirth build by T.C Sanghvi brother of K.P Sanghvi. It has a fabulous entrance gate and temple is covered by mountain which increase the beauty of temple.     7th and last day of our trip. After navkasi did pooja and then took lots of photographs in the jharokha of entrance gate. From there went to Jeerawala tirth which is around 27 kms from bherutarak. 
Its a beautiful temple surrounded by hills on back side. We did not know that the mountain had a secret path :D There is a 4 km trekking route laid out on hill behind bhairu tarak temple. It was a route for locals who use it everyday for work. However, we were told that many foreigners had tried to go through that route and killed by Aboriginal Tribals(Adivasis in Hindi!) or animals in the forest.Ruchi kept on nudging until I agreed to take that route. I said but we won’t go alone as there are so many Adivasis. So some of the locals there were listening to our talks and came our for help. One of the guy said that being a milk vendor, he goes daily through that route and its perfectly safe. He insisted on being our guide. We agreed.Few of the aged people there did try to stop us though as no girls had ever been on that route before, never ever. But we didn’t listen, which we regretted later!Its just 4kms trek, but burning noon sun and steepness of slope made it so difficult. We had no water with us. Though it was winter that time, but sun is sun!We stopped at a hut in the way for water. So the guide first denied that we should not drink from this hut as it is owned by Adivasi. They will kill us if they found out. And that’s when we realized that those aged people were right! We started remembering all Gods we knew.But we were so thirsty that we couldn’t control and drank from the earthen pot in that hut, and left for onward journey, but this time scared as hell. When we went a little further, there were two men who started following us. The guide said,”Be careful they are adivasis.”What???? There was no other option than to keep moving further. We started moving fast as per guide’s instructions. Those men also started moving fast. Then we started running and they also started running. Shit Shit Shit! All I could do was scold Ruchi for bringing us here. We told the guide to do something for God’s sake!He said ” Madam Ji. I myself have come through this route only 2nd time and I know no one else. Just keep running and reach to the point from where you can shout so that someone from suicide point of Mount Abu could come and help”The moment he said this, we got the shock of our lives! OMG! We were screwed. Even if we shouted, there was no one to hear. Such a steep slope and running on it. We thought either to jump down the hill and roll till bottom or find some stones and start hitting!The guide opened his mouth to say something and we shut him up! All we could think was throw stones on him as well.Those men were so fast that they used to climb trees and reach ahead of us, so there was a game of running backwards and forwards. All of us!Then suddenly something happened to guide, and he gathered up the courage and said, “Wait! let me talk to them”. Why didn’t he think about this earlier and made us run this whole time??? GRrrr…He talked to them in their langauge, took some powerful name I guess and that is when those men stopped following us. They came out of nowhere and vanished again!We couldn’t believe what just happened. I cannot explain how relieved we were. I just cannot…We thanked all Gods! Scolded and thanked the guide! I sweared to all Gods that I would never return on this path no matter what????