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Bijolia Group of Hindu Temples namely Mahakaal, Hazareshwar and Undeshwar Temples. These temples dedicated to Lord Shiva are ~800 yrs old (12th century). Bijolia is located ~55 kms from Bundi and comes in the Bhilwara District.
Gaurav Bhatnagar
We drive off to a small village named 'Bijolia', which is about 51 KM from Bundi. Its temples of erotic art hidden from the eyes of this world are a surprise for us. Had it not been Kukki, we would have never found this place. There is a small 'Baori' in the temple complex and local children, who are swimming, are delighted to have their snaps taken. They know that they will probably never get to see their photograph but still they are delighted. It is a peaceful place to sit and relax, probably read a book, watch the village children play in the pool and local women carry pots of water to their homes. Unfortunately, we don't have that much time. Still we give Kukki a hard time as he keeps on calling us but we run away in different directions looking for newer experiences, simply not willing to follow any directions. The stones embedded in the ground are inscribed with literature in Sanskrit from the period when these temples were made. I am amazed by the gems that lie hidden, and probably unknown, in every part of India.