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Haldighati Museum

Rohith T V
Haldighati is around 45 kms north of Udaipur. It is the mountain pass in Aravallis with significant historical significance. The name Haldighati is originated from its turmeric colored soil of the area (Haldi means turmeric in Hindi).I found public transportation is scarce from Udaipur to Haldighati. I did take my rented bike to that place and it was an awesome ride.This post was originally published on Vagabonding Life!
Khilna Haria
     Trip of Udaipur is incomplete without visiting Haldghati.An unforgettable history was created at Haldighati when there was war between Maharana Pratap and King Akbar,  where 20,000 soliders were killed in war of 7hours and  after rains the blood of soliders created a lake of Red colour which is now know as Rakt Talai.     In museum they show 5 mins short film in theater which is followed by light and musical show on life history of Maharana pratap. One should reach in early morning by 9am to avoid the rush of visitors.     After checkout from hotel we directly went to Museum and were lucky to get chance in 1st time to see the movie. After watching whole story we took exit and went to Rakta Talai. Now government has made Garden in that land in memory of soliders so that the local village people can't accommodate that place.