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Jaisalmer War Museum

Akshata Rao
For the last two years, I’ve searched high and low for a sense of national identity, but in vain. I’ve struggled with language, religion and any other vector of supposed “identity”. I only marvel at how varied we are as a country, and in that I’ve found a semblance of joy. But what is with these army posts, these stories of valour and sacrifice that move me? Ever since I’ve seen a check-post 20km from the LoC in Kashmir overlooking a hill where infiltrators sneak in by night and talked to three camps of border guards, any border town and associated paraphernalia tugs at my heart. I have this desire to stop, bow my head to those who give life and limb to protect what we take for granted every single day, and then proceed. The War Museum at Jaisalmer fit the bill. And it was rather creepy to note that while India marks 50 years of the 1965 war, B and I have snuck up to the boundaries of 3 of the 4 fronts of that war – Kashmir, Rajasthan and Gujarat.Oh, we rented a two-wheeler for this day. That by itself counts for this trip being a success in pushing myself out of my comfort zone, heh!
Akshay Kumar
Also do visit the Rajasthan Emporium and handloom there where you can get locally made products like blankets made of camel wool , shoes made of camel leather and also mugs made of Habor Stone . I also visited the Jaisalmer War Museum which gave me an insight of the sacrifices made by the Indian army and the entire buildup of the army right from the colonial age of Britishers .
Avinash Jha
5. Visit The Jaisalmer War Museum
Vineet Kaur
First-of-its-kind initiative and showcases the glorious history of the Indian Army. It also displays war exhibits which include vehicles and equipment captured during the course of operations in 1965 and 1971.