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C S Prasanjit Kumar
As per the itinerary, this day we had the shortest distance to cover. We headed towards Jamba near Phalodi after an early morning visit to the Karni Mata Temple at Deshnoke - a quick ride of 40 odd kms. After the temple visit we took the diversion off the main highway. This was considerably a narrow road leading towards Jegla and Jangloo. Just after Jangloo, the roads sort of disappeared and we ended up riding on loose sand. Such was the trail that it almost took 5 hours & numerous calamities to cover a distance of 15 odd kms. A burnt clutch plate, a couple of falls, a sprained leg and exhausted riders later, we finally managed to cover the trail by 4 in the evening. The Himalayan again took the cake here. I started off as the guy riding a Himalayan and struggling on the sand, digging and pushing the bike. Later, I found the trick to ride the Himalayan on the sand and with this, every anguish turned around. Refer the video to watch my struggle and retribution on the trails. Our destination, Jamba was further 100+ kms through the narrow country tarmac roads. It was dark when we reached Jamba but the stay arrangements were bliss. Tents and sleeping bags under the starry sky to our service. We finally cooled our butt by raising a toast to the tough trail riding of the day.Route of the day – Bikaner-Deshnoke-Jegla-Jangloo-Lots of trails -Ratriya - Saisar - Chakhu- Jamba