Kiradu Temple

Vipul Mehta
They say Kiradu Temples are the Khajuraho of Rajasthan because of the similarities in the architecture and the wall carvings of both the temples, aka the erotica. Having seen both the places, I can surely say that there is one major difference. While at Khajuraho even after all the centuries of time that has passed, there are still a significant number of temples standing, that too with minor damages. The temples of Kiradu however are mostly in ruins. At Khajuraho, you can appreciate the grandeur of the temple palaces, the beauty of the wall carvings and the wonders of the architectural marvel, that too not only live but also in the recorded voice of Mr Amitabh Bachchan in the sound and lights show every evening. At the temples of Kiradu, one will see two half broken temples without their deities, or roofs for that matter. For a fifty rupees entry fee and with no guide to explain the history of the place, I didn't find going there worth the effort (historians or archaeologists may have a different opinion though).