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Longewala-The Battlefield

Ashish Arora
After taking blessing from Temple we headed towards the 1971, Battlefield. This place remind us of the famous movie - Border. A War memorial has been built on the battlefield depicting the victory over enemies. Pakistan's Jeeps , trucks, tanks are still placed. A small museum have been built which contains the name of the all the soldiers of Regiment along with few original pictures and war equipments have been displayed.
Kappil Sharma
Next morning we woke up at 7am. after having breakfast we were ready to hit our next destinations which was Tanot Mata Temple. It is said that during the Battle of 1971 Indo-Pak, Pakistan fired nearly 3000 bombs and nearly 500 bombs fell into this temple, but no single bomb exploded. Another interesting and random seen thing is that this temple also has a Mausoleum for Muslim visitors.Now, we moved to Longewala. During the Indo-Pak battle 1971, it was the one of those posts which Pakistan tried to capture but Indian ARMY didn't let them do it (Yeah, feel proud and big salute to INDIAN ARMY). They make the most out of enemy's errors and though, Indians were few in front of Pakistani brigade but still they managed not to lose this post easily. So, being an Indian, it was really great feeling to visit this place. When I reached there, the first thing I did to capture the milestone of Longewala as shown in pictures. After that operation, all the vehicles and equipment which were used by Pakistan, were kept here and Indian Army created a small museum for visitors.
It is said that The Battle of Longewala was a turning point In India’s scuffle against Pakistan in 1971. This has forever been surrounded by controversy.
Vineet Kaur
Historical place must visit.