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C S Prasanjit Kumar
We started our ride from the IBIS hotel at 7 am. I exchanged my Thunderbird 500 for the Himalayan from the showroom and the bike amazed me on every twist of the wrist. With Rajath leading and Shawn sweeping, we rode out of the city limits toward Sikar, a town around 120 kms from Jaipur. The road from Jaipur to Sikar was a plain 4 laned polished tarmac where I unleashed the entire 24.5 bhp of the Himalayan, comfortably cruising at 120-125 kmph for more than an hour. After Sikar the road narrowed down to a 2 lane highway. However, the tarmac continued to be good as we crossed through Nawalgarh, Mukundgarh, Mandawa to Mahansar. The highlight of the day was the sand dunes, where we stopped in the afternoon. The ride ended at the Navjeevan Castle in Mahansar. The Castle/Haveli is partly owned by Thakur Maheshwar Singh who was a kind host. He narrated couple of interesting stories on the history of the region. If you ever plan to make it to Mahansar and stop by at this place, do consider having some interesting chat with Mr. Maheshwar Singh. The day ended after a small photography session off the Mahansar village where we were guided by our Jeeper, Mr. Rajesh Bishnoi.Route of the day – Jaipur – Sikar – Nawalgarh – Mukundgarh – Mandawa – Kolali – Tain – Mahansar.