Merta City

Very close to Ajmer, around 2 hours(89 Kms), there is a small city called Merta. The buses are very frequent from Ajmer to Merta. Now, question is what made me visit Merta? I just dreamt of Meera and came to the city where she was born. Just Kidding! I just wanted to know more about her and hence I found about the city and here I am.I boarded Ajmer Shatabdi from Delhi and arrived at Ajmer and from there to Merta. I had no plans, no prior bookings. I didn't know if there were any hotels in the city. I just picked my bag and came. When I reached the bus stop. The only thing I looked at in the Google Maps is "Meera ka Mandir". It was 3:30 PM, it was around 700 metres. I started walking. When I reached the temple. I entered and sighed! I was really tired. I looked around for hotel. Couldn't find any. Then I just asked one of the workers about any hotels or Dharamshala. Worst case I knew I will have to go back to Ajmer. But to my surprise, the temple has its own Dharmsala which is exactly opposite to the temple. Took a room, decently maintained. Refreshed and went back to the temple. It was more than I expected. It actually is Shri Chaturbhuj Maharaj mandir(Sri Krishna) temple with an idol of Meera Bai right infront of the deity. It is said that the idol of Chaturbhuj lord was found under the earth. It says a very interesting story which is :There was a mochi(cobbler) who had a cow. The milk of the cow would get over whenever he used to milk the cow. He tried to understand the misery many times but he couldn't understand. One fine day, he decided to dig out the place where the cow was tied and he found the idol there. Since then till today, the first "bhog" comes from a cobbler family. Interesting.. huh?When I entered the temple, it did had that Meera vibe, that eternal devotion vibe. All over the temple , the verse of Meera are written and to sing those verses there were ladies from the town. They were those beautiful Rajputana attire with ghunghat . They were so naturally singing the songs and bhajans.It was just a happy feeling, The temple doors will open at 6:00 for Aarti. I still had some time. So I started towards a little left which says “Meera Smarak”. I entered. It costed me 10 Rs to get the entry. It was Meer’a museum. Brilliantly picturized the life of Meera and the pain she has gone through. As and when we move in the museum, there are different idols, beautiful paintings with the famous veres. For me, my soul was craving to know more and more about her so it was a delight for me.