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Shraddha Gosavi
Day 5th was the visit to village Molela, which is famous for its art/craft of mitti work. One can come and visit artisans house and see their work and buy from them directly. It was amazing to interact with one such a artist who was master of his work. He also treated us with home cooked Rajasthani meal which was also one highlight of this trip!It was Christmas Eve, so we tried to reach home as soon as possible to celebrate and cook some delicious food and drinks. We had ginger rum and bowl of boiled chicken with white cream, sauted spinach, roasted potato and some veggies! We indeed had a fun talking away and laughing!
Shreya Nandy
Molela is a whole village made of potters and no they don’t just make pots and pans but surprisingly, do more than that. Although the glamour of clay-art now rests with the ceramic pottery serving the high-end city clientele, here still the artisans etch myths and modernity on clay tiles and tell stories – yes, the tales of valor, of love, of kingship and kinship, of village life, of planes taking off to the sky, of cellular phone taking over the village lives. The list is endless. The village has gained such a prominence for its indigenous artistic interpretation that a master-craftsman from the village is now designing a mammoth clay-installation for the Navi Mumbai airport. Phew! That must be some score.