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Mt Abu

Mount Abu is the only hill station in the deserts of Rajasthan. Among forts and palaces, this quiet hill station is quite popular with local tourists as well as visitors from across the country. A place of great religious reverence to the Jain community, the Dilwara Jain Temple is a set of five temples, all belonging to a different century. The temples are carved out of white marble and depict scenes of Gods and Goddesses and are a must visit for their architectural brilliance. You can also spend a day at Nakki Lake. Lying in the hills, this lovely lake offers boating opportunities to visitors. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is another wonderful way to spend your time on this hill station and can take up your entire day, so do keep yourself free. For trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, the Guru Shikhar is the highest peak in the region and trekking here is a memorable and adventurous experience, though if you aren't an experienced trekker, you may need a little help! There are numerous hotels and guesthouses here, though depending on the type of traveller you are, it might be a good idea to do a little bit of research before settling on a place to stay.
Gireesh Gangadharan
Mount AbuWe sure had high hopes with this place, because we were starting out on our trip and this being our first destination. We initially had a plan to take a room and freshen up, but soon realized it going to be a time consuming affair. So we bargained with a taxi driver who agreed for 2k bucks covering 2-3 spots in Mt Abu and dropping us at a bus stand where we can find buses plying to Udaipur, which is a good 4 hours drive away from Mt Abu.
Since we had time , we planned to visit Mt Abu on the way to Udaipur. We reached Mt Abu by evening 4, we only visited lake Nakki and Om Shanti Bhawan, Brahmakumari Head quarters. Felt this is the only hill station in Rajasthan. We were not so pleased by this mountain view since we were born and bought up in western ghats.In the night we reached Udaipur to take rest from our long journey.
The road to Mount Abu was once again fun to bike on. In the mid-way of covering 260 kms from Jodhpur to Mount Abu, I took another stop for dinner at a local dhaba where I got myself familiar with a tasty regional dish “Dal-bhati” served with a huge spoon of “Desi Ghee”. At this point I was about 90-100 kms away from my destination for the night so I made sure I don’t need to make another stop as it was getting darker and colder. After a while I got back on road and continued my journey. I can pinpoint the exact moment when i started to feel the "mountain vibes", which was when i was 50-60 kms away from Mount Abu (which, after mentioning, i realize isn't as accurate as i thought it would be). Upon reaching, there wasn’t much left to do as the clock had struck 10 pm. So distance-wise this was my second-most scoring day of the solo bike trip with a score of 450-500 kms.
Peak point of Arawali mountains
Karan Prajapati
सुनहरी शाम और हम पांच यार निकले जैसे पांडवों का वनवास ले चल साथ सभी के दिल और मन का सैलाब।-सारथी पार्थ थे साथजाना कहां? हमारे सारथी कहाँ ले चले , था मन में एक अजीब सवाल हो जैसे बचपन में पानी के बुलबुले बना ने का गहरा राज।- हम पांच और एक यान(car) निकले वैसे के न सुनले किसी के कान- निकल पड़े बिना कोई काउंट जिसे लोग कहे माउंट(आबू रोड)-सफर था नज़दीक और मौसम था मस्ताना लिए साथ सभी का यारानाठहर लिए एक मोड़ सड़क पर लि एक चाय की चूसकी ।आखिर पहुंचे वहाँ , देखा जनों का मेला।  ले कर ठहर ने का स्थान(होटल रूम) किया सब्र ढल जाने को एक शाम।