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Pandupol Hanuman Ji Mandir

Devika Maheshwari
The next stop was to visit the ancient Pandupol temple that was situated right in the forest. Our guide took us to the temple and told us the mythological history of Hanuman destroying Bhima’s (Pandava brother) pride at that very point. He also told us that Pandupol was accessible to all due to the reserve being inhabited by local tribes as well. Tribes that lived in the reserve and had had one-on-one encounters with many species of the forest. I had never heard of a temple with such a thrilling background. Nonetheless, once we had said our prayers we hopped back into the jeep to retire to the resort.The safari was tiring and all of us were covered in dirt. We had toured Sariska’s most priced gem, the sanctuary, and now it was time to immerse ourselves into luxury. So, we washed up and decided to have our own little soirée by our private pool. The night was calm, quiet and lit by a sky full of stars making our trip have its own fairytale ending.Trees & Tigers was indeed the perfect weekday getaway.