So, we decided upon Pawapuri and Mount Abu! Asked other friends as well but no one was interested.So we packed, and within half n hour, we boarded a rickety roadways bus!This story goes way 2008, when we were in the final year of our engineering. I don’t think I can ever forget this trip. You will soon find out why:)We took a bus from Jodhpur to Sirohi as there was no direct bus to Pawapuri. Got no place to sit, it was typical Rajasthan roadways bus. So, we were standing for half of the journey. We didn’t have much cash. We thought we will withdraw in Sirohi, but when we reached there, last bus to Pawapuri was leaving the bus stand at 5pm and so we rushed after it. Caught the bus running!Luckily found a place to sit this time:)And finally after an hour, we reached Pawapuri. I had always heard a lot about this place before, and when I saw it, It was much better than expexted. It is such a peaceful place and beautiful as well:)Now we had to book rooms. Pawapuri has a few Dharamshalas, which are nicely maintained and very reasonable costs as well. So as we were short on cash, we thought of booking the dormitory.Firstly the uncle who was booking the room, looked at us with suspicion. He was like “Have you run away from home and come here?”????It took so much time to convince him. We made him talk to our parents and finally he agreed for dormitory. Since there was not much crowd on that day, he said, “don’t worry I will not send anyone else in your room!”And we got happy! A whole big dorm to ourselves:) We spent time in temple and around. Had dinner in their canteen. Food is always very yummy in Pawapuri canteen.We strolled for long, attended evening Arti and went to sleep late night at room.In the middle of the night when I woke up, an uncle was sleeping near our bed! WTF! We started cursing that booking uncle that how can he send someone with just two girls inside! Today the situations are different though!????I jumped out of bed, woke my friend and we went far away from that uncle to sleep. Could not sleep properly whole night :XNext morning we woke up early and went to feed the cows in morning. Pawapuri has its own Gaushala. Thousands of cows are bred here.Then we had our breakfast and decided to see Bhairu tarak tepmle, just 15-20 mins from Pawapuri. We were told that there are no ATMs in Pawapuri on the evening before, so we left our card at room locker, took whatever cash we had and left for Bhairu Tarak temple.