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Rafting in Rishikesh

River rafting: A good stretch of 26 km starting near Shivpuri & finishing at Laxman Jhula came up an indeed exquisite and worthy experience.Once you reach the rafting space, the instructors make sure that each and every group is briefed with relevant safety instructions. Primarily, Instructions include safety briefing so that travelers have a safe and secure journey.
Experience in water: The unfathomable rapids and velocity of the running river, honed scary feelings among most of us. Being scared to plunge into Ganga is a natural phenomenon. With exquisite experience for carrying full-fledged rafting experience, somehow I managed to gather all the courage to dive into Ganga.
Sahila Kalia
We rode our bike to the Zip lining destination and completed our first activity of river crossing that was 50 ft. above water and 2 km long from one hill to the opposite one. Woohhoooooo was the only sound. It was chilling and breathtaking and the best part was when the zip reached in the middle of the line right above the deep water point and we were at the maximum height. It is super awesome.The next activity, we picked up was the river rafting and there are no words to explain that experience. The rafting guides were pretty trained and very cautious for people's safety. We just had to follow their instructions carefully and move the pedals along with the body movements. They even knew the right places of high tides, low flow, big rapids and cliff jumping. Just for knowledge that Rishikesh also offers some really good campsites, which are meant only for adventure activities. If any one decides to come in a group then its a really great place. However, for couples like us, solitude on the river bank is the best.
Ranjan Singh
Now it was time to spice up my trip with most exciting itinerary,an extreme sport and spine chilling adventure ,the white River Rafting.they have different packages to offer on the basis of difficulty levels or grades from a 35 km ride to 16 km ride depending on your will and time you have,time to complete the rides vary between 2:30 hours to 5 hours.you can choose according to your ability to sustain throughout the ride as once you are on raft there is no turning back.take your time talk to agency and the guide then decide to do it not.there is no problem if you don’t know how to swim as they will give you life jackets and helmets for safety but it will be helpful if you know little bit swimming.I chose the short one ,16 kilometres ride from Shivpuri down to Lakshman Jhula (as this was my first!) which took 2:30 hours to complete and it comes under grade 3,3+ that means difficult and requires perfect and precise manoeuvring and it also gives you a chance to try cliff jump in between.Zostel arranged it along with other 5 as they need at least six people to run the raft.after completing mandatory declaration form and signing it our taxi came with big raft on the top to take us to the starting point which was 16 kilometres away at Shivpuri.it took 30 minutes to reach and another 30 minutes for raft inflating, safety and how to briefing which is very useful and listen it carefully to make your rafting safe and memorable.we get on to raft wearing helmets,safety jackets along with our guide having helmet mounted GoPro to capture our memories and a kayak safeguarding us in case if anything goes wrong ,after taking blessing of Holy Ganges we started paddling downstream deep in the water with green peaks of Himalayas on one side and rocky cliffs on the other.it has 7 rapids including small and big ones to keep your adrenaline rush high, some of the good rapids with weird names on this stretch are Return to sender, roller coaster, golf course and club course which are safe to raft with some big waves hitting your back and try to topple the raft again and again.our guide allows us to get down and enjoy in to the clean and cold river water which was so relaxing from heat and sun over the head.