The Beatles Ashram 1/3 by Tripoto
September - May
Friends, Solo, Couples
7 out of 45 attractions in Rishikesh
While the objectives were clear from the word go and we just wanted to make merry (that means drinking in spartan J), we ended up not having much. I was simply blown away by what Rishikesh can offer more. I along with my friends managed to relive what the Beatles must have and in words of a dear friend of mine, "the world has surely F*C**D itself up post that era". While its nothing out of the ordinary for the minds who don't believe in the existence of greatness but the Beatles Ashram as its popularly was the highlight of the visit.
Raji Y Malhotra
Built in 1962, Closed in 1998, re-opened on 8th Dec 2015, paintings done by world renowned artists in Feb 2016