Arab Street Singapore 1/2 by Tripoto

Arab Street Singapore

Kirti Gupta
This is one of those few places in Singapore where i was able to get the joy of street shopping. The street walls have funky artworks done on them and there is a whole lot of open air cafes serving scrumptious Turkish food along with hookahs. There is a big mosque also which was under going some renovation i guess but there is one. This is a really nice place for shopping in streets, enjoying a drink or for having dinner. The Arab street surprisingly makes you forget that you are in Singapore and feels more like some authentic street of Turkey or Morocco. My tips: 1. Checkout the boutiques here they sell some really nice designer stuff at reasonable prices. 2. If you like to shop for fabrics and textiles then this place is for you.
Shine P
Deepak Acharya
Luckily, I managed to visit all these places and Arab Street turned out to be the best one for me as one can find cool bars here.