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Art Science Museum Singapore

Rajat Chakraborty
ArtScience Museum is in the form of reminiscent of the lotus and has been called “The Welcoming Hand of Singapore”. It features an adjustable roof waterfall which uses rainwater collected when the roof is sealed in the day. The flower shaped structure at the bottom of the Marina Bay Sands adds a definitive edge to the spectacular architecture of the resort.
Kirti Gupta
I am someone who is just crazy about Renaissance art and when i got to know that there is a special exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks for some days i decide to go there with a friend of mine from Taiwan. The architecture of this museum is just phenomenal and it is really huge from inside. The exhibition was worth going i would say. My tip: Even if you are not interested in going inside do take a look at the architectural design of this museum it will surely interest you.
Shine P
What can a humble brick do? Well, from the looks of what was displayed at the "The Art of the Brick" Exhibition at Singapore ArtScience Museum, a humble brick can certainly do wonders. I went there frankly because my son is crazy about Lego bricks and he basically pestered non-stop the minute he knew about the exhibition coming to Singapore. So armed with my trusty Nikon P7000, the entire family set off to see the exhibition on its 1st day of opening on 17 November 2012. 'Marvelous' is certainly a word that comes to mind when viewing the exhibition of sculptures made from the humble brick. Another word will be "WTW?" (aka "What in the World?" more a phase I know but with abbreviations, I can cheat ;)) - human torsos, gigantic skulls etc all conjured out with thought provoking ideas of what we are, who we are and what do we want to become. Finish off the exhibition with a ginormous 6m long Dinosaur (T Rex no less) and you know you have entered a world that you can only exclaim "Wow!" at the end. My best take-away was from my son, who basically summed in all by saying "I want to be able to do this with my Lego bricks!"