Chinatown 1/21 by Tripoto
September - May
20 out of 710 attractions in Singapore


Mayank Maheshwari
I started my next day exploring Chinatown, it is a bustling mix of old and new, filled with traditional shops and markets as well as cool stores and cafes and as its name implies it certainly gives you the feel as if you have entered China. There are many places to explore in this area like Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple (oldest Hindu temple in Singapore), China Street Market, Jamae Mosque, Thian Hock Keng Temple, China Town Heritage Centre, to name a few. If you’re a foodie, try 'char kway teow' (stir-fried noodles) and 'satay' (barbecued meat skewers) at Chinatown Food Street, a row of hawker stalls, shophouse restaurants and kiosks along Smith Street. Buy souvenirs in Pagoda Street.
Priyanka and Kali
Both Kali and I love visiting religious places – sometimes because of the artistic splendour the places have to offer and sometimes because of the cultural hotspots that these places are noted for being. However, our experience at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple can be best described in superlatives. You would be enthralled by the stunning silence of the place – an archaic Chinese building – interrupted only by the rhythmic humming of the chants by the monks. Once there, don’t forget to visit the museum upstairs that showcases Buddhist history in the inexplicably vivid way, and also spend some quality time in the rooftop garden.
Our next stop was Siloso Beach. With its clear blue waters, its perfect place to get sun bathed. After completing cable car ride, we took a drop at Vivo City Mall and moved on to our last destination China Town. The moment you enter this place you can feel the vibes of China. This beautifully decorated market with lanterns offers some delicious chinese cuisisne. You can shop to your heart content here. This whole market has free wifi which can be one more reason to spend some gala time here.
Neyha Jain
Chinatown: Your first stop should be this place. I know that Singapore is about Marina Bay Sands but trust me you should save the best for last. Chinatown is a MRT station and soon as you disembark you will be welcome by hoards of stalls selling souvenirs, apparels etc. This is the cheapest place to shop souvenirs and save yup those dollars from other costly outlets. From the shoppes, head to the Hindu temple a few steps away. Here you will require head to toe clothing. This is a traditional Tamil temple with many Hindu deities to worship. Next head to the amazing Buddha Tooth Relic temple. This is a must visit place and is open only until 7 PM. It is a museum as well. The Buddha residing at the first level is mesmerising and it’s not just one of it! Explore other floors of the museum while you are there.
Singapore is almost synonymous with its dynamic, sumptuous street food scene and when in the city, make sure you gorge on bowls of spicy noodle soup along with lao sim shredded chicken and dumplings (among a million other delicious things). In order to treat yourself to this explosion of flavours, head to Chinatown and Toa Payoh.
Sia G.
Eating Singapore's street food is one of the best ways to experience the delicious Asian cuisine, and keep your belly and wallet happy. The Singapore's street food is one of the safest and tastiest in the entire Southeast Asia. It is so good that even popular chefs around the world, like Gordon Ramsay, go crazy about it. Popular places to try it among others, is the China Town Food Court and the Arab Street. Oh! And the tap water is drinkable. 3. NightlifeEvery afternoon, the gorgeous bars around the streets, get full of well dressed people who have just finish their work at the office. The quality of the guests at the local bars, and the services provided make the night out a bit expensive for an average budget traveller. Just a glass of beer may cost as high as 10 dollars, and other alcoholic drinks, like wine and cocktails cost at least 12 to 25 dollars. So, it might be a bit expensive, but still the hope is not lost. Search around for bars with special offers. Happy hours may drop the price down to a half. 4. TransportationIf you are staying for a day or two, then probably is not worth it, but if you are planning to stay for longer, then definitely go for an EZ- link Card. Exploring Singapore just by walking around is not the best option, and renting a car or a scooter will not come cheap. The Singapore's public transit system is one of the best I have ever seen, and the best way to get around the city. The EZ-link Card, you can get it from any MRT Station or 7-Eleven. It will cost about 12 SGD (5 SGD the card and about 7 SGD for the top up) and allows you to use the all the public buses and trains. If you do not manage spent the entire top up credits, you can return the card back at the end of your visit and get a refund. 5. Shopping
Prahlad Raj
Nice spot to chill out with a beer in the evening. Place for shopping cheap souvenirs like key chains, t-shirts etc
Shine P
The lights were festive and it was the first place in Singapore where I experienced people being around and about, enjoying the nights towards the Chinese New Year.