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September - May
20 out of 710 attractions in Singapore


Ila Reddy
There's nothing quite like exploring a neighbourhood on foot. Chinatown and CBD are popular with expats and locals alike and can be quite busy during weekdays and weeknights. There are tonnes of restaurants and bars here, catering to the hundreds of offices in the district. However, the real magic lies in the inner lanes and alleys of Chinatown. Displaying beautiful murals at unlikely places, it's a joy to walk around and discover them for yourself!
Pooja Khandelwal
1) China town decorations during the Chinese New YearIf you want to sample authentic Chinese street food, buzzing streets, cheap souvenir shops or gifts to take home, or experience Chinese culture and visit their famous temple; spend a full day exploring China town in the heart of Singapore.
Neel Nigam
I began my second day by exploring Chinatown.
Snigdha Jaiswal
9. Chinatown
Aditi & Deepak
Chinatown is lined with colorful mom-and-pop tiny stores and stalls selling authentic Chinese food. It's a bustling district decorated with bright red lanterns. You can buy Chinese tea, medicines, silks, toys and souvenirs and a great many Chinese items at the colorful stalls. Chinatown is famous for its Sri Mariamman Hindu temple, the oldest temple in Singapore. Be sure to check out the Buddha Tooth Relic temple as well.