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Gardens By The Bay

Ragini Mehra
1. Wander through Gardens by the Bay
Reached the hotel at about 2 PM and ordered our lunch. After an hour, relaxed for 2-3 hours and left for Gardens by the bay and saw the most beautiful light and sound show ever! It was so serene that everyone was lying down and looking at the sky and experiencing the magical lights!
Kavitha Preetha
This is one of the most intelligently and thoughtfully made attractions, I must say. One part which is called the Flower dome hosts hundreds of different varieties of plants that belong to different geographical areas around the world. This fully air conditioned glass dome is sectioned in the same way and you could spend around 1 hour inside.The second glass dome called the Cloud forest houses the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. You can walk around the structure on multilevel pathways winding from top to bottom which helps you closely see hundreds of different types of plants that are grown all around the structure. Truly mesmerizing!Head straight to the Supertree grove for an out of the world experience. Late evening is the best time to be here as you can see this outdoor garden with gigantic tree like structures lighted up in shades of blue and green and setting sun in the backdrop. Wait till 8 at night for a mind blowing light and music show called the Garden Rhapsody which is definitely not to be missed.
Sushma Neeraj
Gardens by the Bay was our next destination, which is horticultural place located in the heart of the city which offers the view of variety of ordinary to very rare species of flowers gathered across the globe in Flower Dome. Cloud Forest is a worth watch on a sunny day, where an indoor waterfall surrounded by lust green atmosphere along with a sky walk and when we reached on top, it was a breath taking view of a small lake of varieties of plants which was a must to click pictures in front of them.
In the evening head to the Supertree Grove at Gardens By the Bay and catch the free Garden Rhapsody show. Later, visit one of the night haunts in Singapore – Club Street or Holland Village. Level 33 is another suggested bar with a view. For an amazing rooftop bar experience, we recommend 1-Altitude.
Gardens by the Bay houses several attractions – the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest being two of those. Both these places would make you marvel at human potential and nature’s magnificence.
Tara Anne Nikezic
3. Escape the heat and spend time inside the air-conditioned Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay, a gigantic greenhouse with plants and flowers from all over the world. - S$28 SGD ($21.31 USD) for both the Flower Dome and Cloud Foresta. Opening Hours: 9AM-9PM
Sadhna Bourai
Gardens by the Bay - you will simply get mesmerized by Supertree Grove. This place is easily accessible by Bayfront MRT. You have so much to see here cloud forest, flower dome.. Even in singapore lil cherry blossom also happens..I am so excited to experience it... :).Little India - for Indian Travellers this place is a must visit specially for pure vegetarian people (like me).. Here you can have so many vegetarian options to eat..
Neha Manavi
Singapore surprised me every day. As the days were passing during my trip I felt as why can't we develop our tourism in this way. Lots of amazing places to explore in India which people aren't aware of.How to get there through MRT? So today I was on my way to Gardens by the bay.Take downtown Line from Little India, Get down at Bay front. Start heading towards Exit B and you reach there.Day and night view from Gardens by the bay ( All in one frame )
Swetha Kumar
The beautiful Nature park standing 101 feet tall is a must watch. Visit this place both during the day and night for a different and amazing experience
Devanshi Rungta
“Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.” ― Kahlil Gibran“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” – Kurt Vonnegut
Shubhangi Jain
GARDENS BY THE BAYGardens by the bay offers the breath taking views of beautiful gardens like flower dome and cloud forest. The cloud forest is covered with lush green plants even picture plant (beware) and tallest indoor waterfall , and also crystal trail. The forest dome is covered with beautiful and colorful flowers from all over the world like Australian forest, california forest, pollens and so on. In the evening around 6:45pm and also around 7:45 pm there is a show in "SUPER TREE GROVE". This show is superb! . It is one hell of a experience, beautiful light and sound show.
Priya Parashar
On my last day I visited Gardens by the bay. The Garden is free to enter. Flower Dome and Cloud Forest was enthralling. Amazing architecture & presentation of the ecosystem. Scale of the place is mind blowing. You should definitely buy tickets for both and explore Its worth the time, energy and money. I didn’t buy tickets for OCBC Skyway though. Even though they have paid shuttle service to take you around, I suggest to explore it on foot.
Mayank Maheshwari
I started my third day in Singapore from ‘Gardens by the Bay’, if there is heaven on earth here it is. This place has various international awards and accolades to its name. Featuring the best of horticulture, sustainability, architectural design, Gardens by the Bay provides the perfect edutainment opportunity for all ages. There is so much to discover here. From diverse plant life in the award-winning Cooled Conservatories (Flower Dome & Cloud Forest), to towering vertical gardens that extend into the sky, this must-visit destination will awaken the explorers and inquisitive minds alike. It also houses world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Another sought after attraction the ‘OCBC Skyway’ stands 22 meters tall above the ground and these Supertrees are perfect for panoramic skyline views. ‘Garden Rhapsody’ comes alive in the evening with its exhilarating visual and audio effects.(TIP: Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories along with the OCBC Skyway are the paid attractions.)The Marina Barrage is a dam in Singapore built at the confluence of five rivers, across the Marina Channel between Marina East and Marina South. Though this is not a celebrated tourist spot in Singapore however it lies near the two conservatories (Cloud Forest and Flower Dome) and if you are going to miss this place, you are surely going to miss a lot. Once you reach at the top of this barrage, there is a lush green field which plays a perfect role of a wonderful picnic spot, you can see locals enjoying with friends and family, having food, flying kites.After witnessing the beautiful sunset on Marina Barrage, I directly headed to Clarke Quay, Singapore’s hotspot to enjoy the nightlife. There is no dearth of good pub, bar, clubs, restaurants in this place. If anyone wants to witness how Singapore comes alive at night, this is the place to be. After spending sometime here I directly headed to my Hotel to catch some good sleep as I knew that my next two days will be very tiring.
Neyha Jain
Gardens by the Bay: Get enchanted by the almost Wonder of the World. This manmade garden structure cum recreation area is one of my favourite places of Singapore due its sheer dimension. It is a free public area except for the two Domes which are paid attractions. Get down at the Bayfront MRT and walk towards the gardens. The park organises a daily “light and sound” show at 7:45 PM for FREE! Believe me it is tough to hear the word free in Singapore.
Gardens By The Bay is a fascinating nature park with breath-taking floral displays and futuristic looking 'supertrees'. It works on the idea of environmental sustainability and promotes the concept of a 'city in a garden'. It also provides excellent views of the Marina Bay and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Singapore.
Venkatesh Nayak
As we entered Cloud Forest, it was as if we were transported to a different world. The entire conservatory was cold and misty. There was a waterfall cascading down a 35-meter tall mountain covered with plants such as orchids, ferns, begonias and pitcher plants.
Nikita Mandhani
I have a particular fondness of the vast number of laser and light shows that you witness at so many places in the city. Every evening, at the Marina Bay Sands, there’s a free laser show that’s bound to amaze you with its exquisiteness. There’s a light show right next to it in the Gardens by the Bay that is guaranteed to take you to an altogether different world. Also, you can watch a wonderful show at Sentosa. I watched the one named: ‘Songs of the Sea’ and it was beyond fantastic.
Sridevi Sasidharan
Our 2 1/2 hr Funvee Night Adventure was part of the Singapore City Tours package. The night Adventure starts with the light and sound show "Garden Rhapsody" at Gardens by the Bay.The gardens come alive at night with mesmerizing light and sound shows.Garden Rhapsody is a fifteen minute show at the Super Trees Grove. The show was amazing. Tourists were going crazy clicking pictures of the colourful trees....After a lovely tour through the city at night we reached Buggis......The souvenir shop at Buggis from where everyone purchased a few souvenirs......That was the end of our Funvee Night Adventure.
Deepali Chauhan
Day III - Gardens by the bay which is next to the Marina reservoir & is in about 250 acres. Just wanted to stop watch so that I can spend some more time there. There is flower dome, cloud forest which consists of different levels and different themes to display the flower & gardens.
Divya Chandrashekhar
Garden's by the BayThe Garden's by the bay is an exclusive master piece which truly cements Singapore as as premier garden city.It features two state of art conservatories,the cloud forest and the flower dome with various themed gardens and super trees concrete pillars with a living skin embedded with photo voltaic cells. It's visual treat to the eyes to see the numerous varieties of orchids and flowers.
Priyanka Nayak
Gardens' by the Bay - Beside the MBS is this huge nature's park. Do plan visiting this place in the evenings to enjoy the super tree sound and light show here. Its simply is WOW! A fairy tale like experience indeed. There are two shows one at 8 and the other at 9. Try to get to this place well in advance to get the best seat and enjoy the best view. Besides that explore variety of flowers while you walk the garden.
The Garden Rhapsody at the Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Anumita Ghosh
Beautiful flora conservatory
Kirti Gupta
Almost every tourist and traveler goes to this place and it is surely a garden that takes you into a wonderland. There are some sections for visiting which you will have to pay but most of the garden is free to visit. There light and sound show is just magical and i really did not wanted to go back to my hostel that night and just wanted to stare at the magical lighting. My tips: 1. Don't ever miss the light and show of this place. 2. Go in evening time.