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Haji Lane Singapore

Devanshi Rungta
I luckily came across this small lane in Singapore, famous for its colourfully artistic graffitis and small cute stores.
Devanshi Rungta
The coffee I’m holding is probably from one of the most innovative cafes I’ve come across! The Selfie Coffee Café, with its bizarre concept, jungle theme and doodle tables lets you pick a pic and prints it on top of your latte!
No, it's not the bounty of the usual kind ! But a treasure awaits a keen photographer.Haji Lane is an almost missable stretch of street off Arab Street that conceals vibrant street art,fashion outlets,chic cafes and a riot of colours,How to reach: Take the MRT- either the Down Town (Blue) Line or the East West ( Green) Line and get off at BUGIS station. Haji Lane is walkable from there. However, ask for Arab street as even locals blink when you ask for Haji Lane. Once you reach Arab street just glance around and you will find an unpretentious board that says HAJI LANE.Folks in this area have got used to peeping toms with a battery of DSLRs,tripods and the like,so you don't have to be overtly worried about annoying them. But yes,don't get too intrusive. Wear a smile and they will welcome you and even suggest good viewpoints.Dotted with cafes and pubs,Haji Lane is a great place to relax. After walking up and down I plonked myself on one of the chairs on the sidewalk,enjoying my drink and just watching the medley of tourists passing by,which itself was a great source of interesting clicks!Come,join me for a photo walk !