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Ikoi Japanese Restaurant Havelock Road Singapore

Who doesn’t love Japanese Food? I dont know anyone who does not have Japanese on their top 3 favorite cuisines – it sits comfortably next to Italian Cuisine on my list. Ikoi Japanese Restaurant offers good quality Japanese ala carte buffet at a very reasonable price. Located at the ground floor of Hotel Miramar in Havelock Road in Singapore, Ikoi is a relatively small restaurant that can only accommodate less than a 100 people per seating – so, early reservation is a must! The interiors of Ikoi is very simple and exudes a homey ambiance or something like you are in a traditional izakaya in Osaka, Japan. For the 2nd time, reservation is advised because if you don’t book early, you’ll only have the bar counter and it doesn’t have enough space for all the food you’re going to eat. We started our meal with a bowl of edamame, vegetable slices and this gorgeous salmon sashimi in plum sauce. The sake or salmon is fresh & juicy and the plum sauce complemented it with a sweet / salty kick. On top of the items for the ala carte buffet, our table also got complimentary dishes. First is the Salmon cooked in Paper which is moist, juicy and sweet. And second, we also got some takoyaki balls! I’d definitely go back for the very affordable price and good quality food at Ikoi Japanese Restaurant.