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MacRitchie Reservoir

5. Macritchie Treetop WalkMacritchie trail is perfect to escape the urban jungle and be up, close and personal with nature. The park offers various hiking trails but the longest trail (about 11 kms long) takes you to the tree-top walk, a 250-m long suspension bridge offers some pretty spectacular views over the forest canopy. Perfect for: Fitness enthusiasts, Closest MRT station: Caldecott MRTWhat's so special: Scenic aerial views from the tree-top walk and Kayaking to cool yourself down.
Snigdha Jaiswal
16. MacRitchie Reservoir
Marigold Odyssey
Perfect place to enjoy Tree Top walk, kayak, hiking and fishing(catch and release). It also has a submerged bridge. Tree Top walk is the best thing to do here because it gives you a mesmerizing view of tropical rainforest. Keep some water with you and yes beware of monkeys. Opening hours :7am to 7pm on weekdays and 8:30am to 5pm on weekends
Priyanka and Kali
Singapore, no doubt, is a green city dotted with parks and lakes everywhere. But Macritchie Reservoir is undoubtedly special. If you want experience the serenity of lush green Malaysian tropical rainforests right at the heart of Singapore, Macritchie Reservoir is the place to be. Let your inner child prance around in the woods or go kayaking on the reservoir. Or better still, languorously watch the sun set over the glistening waters while you sip on to wine at the Vava Bistro.
Prahlad Raj
beautiful place for nature lovers. Can easily spend a day hiking in the reservoir. Visit the hanging bridge. Entry Free