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Late Evening: Night SafariDuration 1-2 hoursVery well-known attraction in Singapore which is unique is world's 1 st night safari. Singapore's Night Safari allows you to explore the animal kingdom under the light of the stars! This safari is quite enjoyable and enthralling. The animals in the Safari are not caged but roam free in scientifically designed enclosures. Watching them is an entirely different experience to watching caged animals in the zoo.
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River Safari: River Safari is a river-themed wildlife park where you can experience the splendor and thrill of some of the most iconic rivers in the world while meeting some special animals. This 12-hectares wildlife reserve is crammed with different river zones of the freshwater locale of historic rivers like the Amazon, Mississippi, Mae Klong, Nile, and more, among other exciting things!Highlight of this River safari is the boat ride at Amazon River Quest and the panda forest where You will also get an opportunity to meet the resident giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia .
Explore Animals in the Night SafariSingapore Night Safari is not just any regular zoo, it is the world's 1st safari park for nocturnal animals and a world class attraction for all ages. Take the guided tram ride, it lasts about 40 minutes and guides guests through the 7 geographical zones of the world for close-up of nocturnal animals in each region.Tickets can be purchased for the stipulated times of 7.15pm, 8.15pm, 9.15pm and 10.15pm.While you are in the tram you will notice that there are no cages and the animals are a little more than an arm's reach away. Don't bother getting your camera, take pictures in your phone, it will be dark you won't be able to click clear pictures, also flash photography is not permitted.Once you're done with the tram ride, don't forget to check out the amazing dance performance by the acrobatic artists with fire.
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One hour rest and we leave for Night Safari. Timings 7 to 12 pm daily. Ticket cost Adult -S$47 (RS 2444). It's a NIGHT safari therefore cameras are useless so i suggest you use your eyes. "Creatures of the Night" is a popular attraction, it is extremely entertaining so reach early and take the front seats.Show length is about 30mins.
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Rainforest Luminia and Night SafariWith day at merilon park, we headed towards singapore zoo area for ultimate multimedia experience in Rainforest Luminia, and activities of wild animals at night in night safari (wild experience). Let the photos of day 1 talk about it more for you.Coming to tickets for day 1, we booked tickets of garden by the way with OCBC skywalk, cloud forest and flower dome together through klook (in rs. 1868). WRS ticketing (singapore govt. site) is most convenient way to buy tickets for all wildlife experience in singapore (total 4) plus rainforest luminia in SGD 88(rs. 4664)