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Night Safari Singapore

Kaushik Rao
Priya Parashar
In the evening I headed towards their Night Safari (tickets booked online). The queue was crazy and I ended up in the third batch to hop into the tram. The tram ride was for 45 minutes. Photography was difficult as there’s no flash policy. It was too crowded but an okay experience. Most of the animals were clearly visible and their sighting accompanied by an informative live commentary which was too far. I was famished by the time it was over and decided to had my dinner in one of the local food joint near my accommodation. I will recommend to have dinner before leaving for night safari.
Mayank Maheshwari
Another major attraction located just opposite the Zoo is ‘Night Safari’ - As dusk falls at the Night Safari, the world's first park for nocturnal animals comes vividly to life which you can experience through the ‘Tram Safari’ (A guided tram ride that takes you across 7 geographical zones of the world. See nocturnal animals in their naturalistic habitats and look out for the free-ranging ones which may just be an arm’s length away from the tram) and ‘Creatures of the Night Show’ (A must-see! The Creatures of the Night Show is a 20-minute animal presentation showcasing the amazing natural abilities of nocturnal wildlife from owls to binturongs and civets. This is an interactive show where you can watch, discover, participate and be entertained!)Though I was not fortunate enough to cover the other two major attractions ‘River Safari’ a river-themed zoo and aquarium and ‘Jurong Bird Park’ because I started my day a little late but one should not give them a miss.Jurong Bird Park often referred to as Asia’s largest bird paradise has almost every species to impress avian lovers, along with fun exhibits, interactive shows, and of course, its charming residents.All the attractions lies in the same vicinity so one can go and enjoy these in a day however do remember to make an early start because all these places take a good 2-3 hours each (minimum) but to enjoy thoroughly you should divide this itinerary into two days as covering all the places in one day would turn out to be hectic.
Venkatesh Nayak
After we exchanged the currency and had breakfast ,We came back to hotel and decide to take rest for a hour . Our Night safari pick up was scheduled at 5pm. It took one hour by bus to night safari. Many of my friends had not recommended this place , but we enjoyed a lot here . Place was crowded but they managed it quiet well , Lots of animals can be seen during the safari . Journey by toy train was about 30-40 min. It was a good experience overall. After the safari there was a animal show which was also ok . We had dinner at indian restaurant after the safari and animal show
Deborah Preethi
Picked up my pass for underwater world and night safariEating a newyork cheese cake doughnut .. Hmmm feeling much better! Hehe At the under water world - dolphin lagoon - watching these beautiful creatures
harshitha krishnan
. The Night Safari was an amazing outing with a very different way to experience the wildlife, you could take the cat-fish trek or the little carts that take you around or both. (I did both).
Amrita Kapoor
Day 3 - Visit the Singapore Zoo. Again MRT can take you there easily. Plan for the night safari in the evening if you have older children. But with younger ones (atleast mine who is 5), they tire out by 4 pm, and your evening safari may not be worthwhile. 
mansi sachdeva
 DAY 1-NIGHT SAFARI:-  Our first stop in the country was the famous night safari, Singapore's No.1 night spot. This was surely a lifetime experience for me and my family. The place was flooded with vacationers and we had to wait for some hours to get into the tram and embark our journey through the wildlife night park. We were shown many animals but what made this safari exhilarating was that the animals were open to roam around in their natural habitat. Altogether it was a marvelous experience. This was the end of our first day in Singapore.
Shine P
Ruchi Jain
It is a nocturnal zoo which is located next to the Singapore Zoo. I had spent my entire day at the zoo and then around 7 visited the Night Safari with an overnight stay. The zoo has almost 2500 animals and has various cultural performances and tribal dance shows. You can either choose to walk or use a tram in the forest. It's scary as you encounter lions, tigers, leopards passing by your side.
Shantanu Trailokya
After an adventurous day at the zoo, observing the animals in broad daylight, you can move on to the Night Safari. Here yoy are welcomed with a tribal Thumbuakar fire breathing show. Latet you proceed to the safari trams which take you to the heart of a artificially controlled forest in the middle of the wildlife. You can observe how the animals behave differently during the day and night. Aftet the tram ride, you can explore the night wilderness on a couple of planned foot trails through the forest.
This is the world's first nocturnal zoo and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore.