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naishu neena
Best place for shopping i bought so many dress
Snigdha Jaiswal
19. Orchard Road
Aditi & Deepak
Don't miss the chance to explore Orchard Road and shop there. Orchard Road can be compared to London's Oxford Street or Hong Kong's Nathan Road. The road is flanked on both sides by tiny boutiques, spas, beauty salons, hotels, offices, entertainment spots, restaurants, bars, malls, and cafes. The road is connected to the Metro at several points which makes it easy to shop and travel.
Vandana Goenka
8) The Lido ShowToday is the last day in Paris so we choose to walk and see the city walking street and fashion street.In the night we have booked the Lido Show which is very famous but we are not allowed with our cameras so can't share the pictures.But this is very happening show where group of nude ladies dances on the big stage and in front of the stage they have the big sitting arrangements with bar counter and some delicious food.After the show finished we bought a souvenir of pink fur pen from Lido show that is the only memory i left from that Paris last night.What a wonderful experience of my life that i could spent so many days there.The Paris Disneyland what we left with but i promised myself that i will come there with my children.
Shrikant B Sonawane
Orchard Road It is the ultimate place for high-end shopping experience. You will be mesmerized by the malls, hotels and buildings all over the place, especially at night time. Our main reason to go there was desserts.One of it was a special dessert, ice cream sandwich with cake (Magnolia ice cream). It was a bit tough to find the authentic old guy on a cycle type stall as he can be anywhere around that street. Make sure you go there in the morning to afternoon else you won't be able to try the one with cake or it is just ice cream between wafers (anyways delicious). The cheese tarts from Pablo, we had them in Bangkok first and could wait to eat them again. Here too you need to be on time else the chances for getting these are slim. The one I was looking forward to was Paul, finally got a chance to indulge in their hot chocolate. All desserts like macaroons, Crème Brulee, tarts and much more are just yum.When we were at the Orchard mall, there was a coffee exhibit which was good exposure to different types of coffee (basically we both are coffee lovers)