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Orchard Road Singapore

Aisha Dwivedi
I came to Singapore via road from Melaka (Malaysia) the immigration process was smooth and we reached Singapore shortly. We checked into Chancellor@Orchard which is in the heart of the city , almost next to the President's house which was amazing. You can actually explore the city by walking a lot more. So we started our journey, after arriving we first went to Marina Bays , I always wanted to be at the infinity pool staring to the city with a glass of wine in my hand relaxing in my bikini, but there is a difference between dreams and reality ..looks like I need to be a guest in the Marina Bay hotel to fulfil my dream ..(hahah sighs..) but nevertheless the view from the top was amazing. It cannot be expressed in words, one must experience it. And yes indeed my dream infinity pool . After enjoying Marina bay we headed off to Gardens By the Bay which is another enthralling place, especially both the observatories "the flower dome " and the "cloud forest" ( don't miss the cloud forest at any price) . After that we went for a river cruise across the city seeing all the famous hotels and the banks and the companies.
Make sure you dedicate an entire chunk of your Singapore itinerary to Orchard Road because this posh stretch is home to the most vibrant shopping scene in the city. The malls are huge and endless. Everything, right from major fashion labels to street shopping, can be found here. Enjoy!
Venkatesh Nayak
Day 5- Last day of the tour - we kept this day exclusively for shopping. Orchard road is known for shopping malls , with more than 25 malls on that road.
Great stock there. So, if you’re looking to shop on Orchard Road, just do this one department store, and whichever standalone brand name store you want to visit.That’s more than enough to blow your budget. My two cents of advice.
Priyanka Nayak
9. Orchard Street The Shopping and entertainment hub of Singapore. Cafes night clubs restaurants this streets has them all. Visiting around January you will see the entire street lit up bright and colourfully decorated marking the Chinese New Year. Orchard Central, Singapore tallest shopping complex. Enjoy window shopping at the Gucci and Prada.
Amrita Kapoor
Kirti Gupta
If you are a shopaholic then you have got to visit the Orchard road. With so many showrooms and all the desired brands around me i really felt like jumping with joy, I mean on which other road do you find two Prada and 2-3 Louis Vuitton showrooms back to back. My tip - To reach to the showroom of your desired brand use the easy to access directories or else it will be very difficult.
Shine P
Shantanu Trailokya
I am a shopping enthusiast. I love making hole in my pocket. Do you? If yes, this is the right place for you. Again, Eat, Drink, ShopTillYouDropDead or ShopTillBroke, Relax, Repeat!