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Pulau Ubin

Wanderlust On Wheel
The best way of exploring the island is by cycling. It is more convenient to ride along the rough trails or concrete roads on the island.
Priyanka and Kali
How about camping right in wilderness with your loved one as the only company? I would have shuddered at the thought of it had it been here in India, but it was an experience worth living right at the heart of this unspoilt beauty. You could also go on a day trip Pulau Ubin and experience its rustic village life that presents a stark contrast to the urban life of Singapore. Pulau Ubin an island off the eastern coast of Singapore that is also the last village or ‘kampong’ of this island-nation.
Rita Krocha
Pulau Ubin was quite a memory. Mostly because riding a bicycle didn’t quite come to me, after having learnt cycling exactly a decade back with many falls to testify to it. I just couldn’t pick it up after all those years. But then again, memory of that day brings back laughter and I would do it all over again, if only we could.
Reetwik Jha
Pulau Ubin Must place to visit for nature lovers. It took us 25-30 mins ferry ride from Tanah Merah ferry terminal to reach Pulau Ubin. Best way to explore this island is to rent a bicycle for $6/$8/$10 and explore own your own. Three words to describe this island would be Green, peaceful, and quiet.