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River Safari

Kavitha Preetha
Unlike most other wildlife reserves around the world, River safari is completely dedicated to some of the famous rivers and their inhabitants across the globe like Amazon, Ganges, Nile, etc. You could also take a ride in the river which is included in the ticket or take extra ticket for Amazon river quest which once again proves the love Singapore has for wildlife with its display of flamingos, Cheetah and other animals on both sides while you are sail past them in your boat.
Bhargavi Rathi
The concept to show animals is little different at river safari. They have created different zones based on river name, which shows the animals and reptiles found in those regions. like Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Mekong and Yangtze rivers. With the pristine Upper Seletar Reservoir as a backdrop, River Safari is also home to the Giant Panda Forest, Squirrel Monkey Forest and the enchanting Amazon Flooded Forest. We also sail on an exciting adventure known as the Amazon River Quest, this is South American river where you’ll meet the amazing wildlife that come from the world’s largest tropical rainforest.