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Singapore Botanic Gardens

Suprita Mitter
5 pm Nature lovers, rejoice! Apart from the glass and steel towers, Singapore has pockets of green that are gorgeous. The Orchid Garden located on the highest hill in the Singapore Botanic Gardens (now a UNESCO heritage site) is one such place. It houses 60,000 orchid plants consisting of 1000 species and more than 2,000 hybrids on three hectares of carefully landscaped slopes. You could walk around and relax with a cup of coffee and some cake that you can pick up from a bakery or café nearby. Another option is to walk/cycle by the river and cross all the quays.
Rahhul Khismatrao
Next day we went to Botanical Garden, Singapore. I was amazed to see the tall artificial trees there placed like big towers. There we also done a sky walk around the roof garden. The city was looking marvellous from the top.
Tanvi S
Botanical Gardens - We took the MRT from Yishun to Botanical Gardens. First thing we did is to fetch MRT map in English, second is buy Ezlink cards that give us an access to MRT, buses etc. through one card. The garden is huge. You atleast need half a day or a full day based on your interest. Lack of sleep and too much travelling was calling my body to rest so we lasted here for not more than 2 hours. The place is very interesting and neat with a lake inside. Very country like! Then we headed to Mustafa Centre.
mansi sachdeva
DAY 3-SINGAPORE BOTANIC GARDENS AND ORCHARD ROAD:- The next day we went to the botanical garden which is also known as the National Orchid Garden. Our tour guide tolds us many fascinating things about this delightfully attractive place. This was followed by shopping at the Orchard road which is the one street that every visitor to Singapore must experience. It has twenty-two shopping malls and is enough for one to go on a serious shopping spree.