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Singapore Botanic Gardens Cluny Road Singapore

Rahhul Khismatrao
Next day we went to Botanical Garden, Singapore. I was amazed to see the tall artificial trees there placed like big towers. There we also done a sky walk around the roof garden. The city was looking marvellous from the top.
Deborah Preethi
Took an MRT to Jurong east. Went to Mc D!! Ate double cheese burger and drank iced milo!!! Yummmm back to MRT, went to the botanical gardens. It was HUGE!!! Beautiful place!!! It is one of the UNESCO heritage sites. Orchid garden was a highlight!! I love with Orchids! Saw all the different types of garden. Enjoyed the greenery, sound of the trees moving in the wind and the beautiful blue sky! Found a cute quiet to eat and watched a few little birds walk. Almost evening and I decided to go see the sea! Went to the bay front! Made a friend on the way. It was beautiful. It was sunset. The water shimmered and it was mesmerising! I sat and watched for a while and then started back home.
mansi sachdeva
DAY 3-SINGAPORE BOTANIC GARDENS AND ORCHARD ROAD:- The next day we went to the botanical garden which is also known as the National Orchid Garden. Our tour guide tolds us many fascinating things about this delightfully attractive place. This was followed by shopping at the Orchard road which is the one street that every visitor to Singapore must experience. It has twenty-two shopping malls and is enough for one to go on a serious shopping spree.