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Universal Studios Singapore

Anoop Jain
Universal Studios and Singapore?! One and the same right. This is also in the Sentosa island. Take my word, it needs at least a day's time to complete the entire tour. Some say they come the next day as well because they weren't able to complete in a day's time. But it is recommended to visit all the main spots, ignoring the small small places. There are seven places in the entire Universal Studios. Basically, it's a place where a lot of movies are shot. Do not miss the opening ceremony. Once the ceremony is done and the gates are opened, it is worth watching everyone running. It may sound bad but it is worth a watch. Thus, try being there by 10 AM. Get your tickets, get your baggage checked and wait in the queue to get in. First, there's the Hollywood section where all places are Hollywood themed. Quite a lot of Hollywood movies are shot here. Similarly, there are places relating to the Transformers, The Jurassic World, The Science Fiction, Sesame Street, Little Egypt, The Ultimate 3D Battle, etc. All places also do have rides accompanying the theme. A must try suggested by me would be both the roller-coasters. They are crazy and fast and I'm not kidding. List down on the rides that you wanna go instead of going for all. It would be a waste of time. Go for the thrilling ones! Do not forget to carry your own food and water, as they are really really expensive inside. At the security check, they'll ask you not to consume them inside but you eventually can. At the end, I don't think you would have any energy left. So, it's suggested to visit no other place and to rest as much as possible to enjoy the next day.
Universal Studios and Mustafa Centre Today was dedicated to Universal Studios. Singapore tour can't be to an end without this visit. Take a map as soon as you reach the universal studios.  It opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 8:00PM. You need full one day to do the must rides and visit the exquisite shows. Map will help you guide the way. Universal is split into various sections - Hollywood, sci-fi, lost world, the egyptian, Madagascar and far far away land. In Hollywood do visit lights camera action which tells you how a Steven Speilsberg movie put special effects in a hurricane scene. Sci fi section , transformers is a ride you would want to do again and again. This also has the scariest roller coaster red track , if you love roller coasters this is not to be missed. Rapids in the lost world along with the water world show is a must. There is also a dinosaur show which we could not attend as it got cancelled twice. Mummy's revenge in the egyptian world is also a fabulous roller coaster ride. Do watch out for the Shrek show in Far far away land which is 4D. There are plenty of other shows and rides which one can do, I have just listed the ones which are not to be missed. Post universal studios we went to Mustafa area in little India to have some Indian delicacies. The Mustafa mall has some dearth cheap stuff which you can buy specially electronics and perfumes.
Sushma Neeraj
We woke up early in the morning and got ready to have the complimentary breakfast which was included in our hotel package. We were surprised and happy to see Idli Sambhar in the menu along with the other dishes too. Again we had to go to Ion Orchard mall to catch the MRT, which was our daily routine to go anywhere.We reached Harbor Front station around 11am which was the entry for Universal Studios. As, it was a rainy day we had to carry an umbrella with us through out the day.This MRT station was also inside the mall, when we came outside the mall, it was drizzling, cloudy weather, was a perfect romantic weather to roam around. They had mono rail from MRT station to reach Universal studios which was around 1km away. But we chose to walk so as to enjoy the weather and ofcourse to click some pictures.Being at the extreme left in the walking path, to our right was the harbor. That was the fantastic view to see big ships in the harbor. As we moved on, by clicking pictures in between, we had reached the entrance of Universal Studios, a biggest theme park in Asia.
Kamakshi Pal
If you are travelling with kids and parents and still want to experience the thrill, Universal Studios provides you various options, from sea aquariums to water parks, to kids club and many more activities catering to a varied demography of clientele. It is definitely a happy place for all.Location: Universal StudiosPrice: One Day Ticket For Adults(Age 13-59) - 76 SGD(₹3760)For Kids (Age 4-12) - 56 SGD(₹2770)For Senior Citizens(Age 60 and above) - 38 SGD(₹1180)
Shubhangi Jain
Universal studios features various breathtaking adventurous rides like in Sci-Fi roller coaster rides named "human" and "cyclone" are the most breathtaking amazing roller coaster rides. There 4D adventure at Far-Far Away , river boat splash ride in Madagascar, revenge of the mummy - an indoor roller coaster in Ancient Egypt. In the Lost World, you can witness death-defying stunts and explosions in WaterWorld, a live performance.
Priya Parashar
I was eagerly waiting for the third day of my trip as I had planned to visit Universal Studios today. I hadn’t booked the ticket online so I made sure I reach there by 10 am (it opens at 10) and bought the ticket (76 SGD). Do not carry heavy backpacks/purses etc. as there is lot of walking to be done till 6 PM (the closing time) and you will be dead tired. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. The park consists of seven themed zones which is either based on a movie or a television show, featuring own unique attractions, character appearances, dining and shopping areas.Hollywood is the entrance area and you will be floored. Moving on I found two ways (right and left) I started with left and entered the Madgascar zone. They have a photograph zone with zoo animals in background so I skipped it but at closing time it was free so I jumped in and got myself clicked. Everyone can try their two themed rides i.e. water boat ride (you can skip this) and merry go round ride. I was lucky enough to see the penguin and tiger characters. Be prepared to stand in a queue to get yourself clicked with them. I then moved towards the Far Far Away zone. I patiently waited for the crowd to disperse to get myself clicked in front of the castle. Their 3 D Shrek show is must. The roller coaster had a big queue so I skipped and saw Donkey Live performance. I then queued up for Puss in Boots-themed roller coaster (Try occupying front facing seats). People with kids were also queuing up for a roller coast meant for kids. I then moved on to The Lost World zone. You will be greeted with big size dinosaurs with fountains and a big gate named Jurassic Park. I started with Canopy Flyer (another roller coaster) which is a must moving on to Rapids Adventure (another must ride). There is generally huge crowd and they don’t allow anything on the ride so you have to deposit all your stuff in a locker (on 1hour/2 hour basis ranging from 5SGD). (Tip: If you are fine, always take single rider queue and you will find yourself done with the rides in half of the time). You will definitely not need raincoats for Rapids Adventure ride so please don’t buy. I then moved to the Ancient Egypt zone. The entrance had king size statues depicting ancient Egypt. I started with their roller coaster dark ride (Revenge of the Mummy). You will have to take lockers (paid) if you have bags etc. Mobile phones are allowed. I then went on to their theme based car ride (Treasure Hunters you can skip this). I then entered their Sci-Fi City. It had transformers figures and modern cars. If you have the courage do, try the world's tallest pair of dueling roller coasters. I simply couldn’t. It looked too scary. I tried their 4-D Dark Ride Motion Simulator which was highly entertaining (do not miss it at any cost). The last zone was New York City zone. There was a street performance going on and it was pleasure to watch. They had selected volunteers from the crowd to dance with them. The last attraction I went was a stage show named Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg (definitely a must).
Srikanth Iyer
Universal Studios is in Resorts World Sentosa. You need to again alight at Water Front Station via Sentosa Express and walk few minutes to reach Universal Studios.Universal Studios is a theme park comprising of :New York New YorkSci-Fi CityAncient EgyptThe Lost WorldFar Far AwayMadagascarHollywoodYou can easily cover all of these in one day. Enjoy all the adventure rides and 3D shows.My favorites:Revenge of the Mummy,Lights, Camera, Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg,Transformers The Ride,Battle star Galactica,Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Water World,Shrek 4-D Adventure,Enchanted Airways & Madagascar- A Crate Adventure.Do visit the Universal Studios Shop at the entrance.
From there we reached Falcon MRT station. This opens up in Vivo city Mall. This was a big shopping mall housing all the international brands. From there we took Sentosa Line which has been designed specially for Sentosa, Universal Studios and Siloso beach Singapore.We already had booked tickets for Universal Studio so we avoided long queue and headed straight. If you are an adventure lover then this is must go. It has 7 different sections. My favourite was Hollywood specially Lights Camera Action. Each section has set of rides, some amazing food, shopping arena to get some goodies and activites. IF you really want to pump up your adrenaline then try rollercoaster rides in every arena. If you are travelling with kid then you can rent a stroller here. One can easily spend whole day here.Tip: If you want to save time on rides and avoid long queues then go for singles line instead of regular ones. In case you have some extra bucks to spend on, you can buy VIP pass that will give you entry in priority queue.
No trip to Sentosa Island is complete without spending an entire day at the Universal Studios, a Hollywood themed park which is an experience like no other. The 24 fun rides will thrill you in unparalleled ways and you might just feel like a part of an elaborate action movie. There's a reason why Singapore tourism uses this park as a major drawcard.
Venkatesh Nayak
day 4 - Whole day you can spend at universal studios .Lots of rides . Aged ppl cant try most of the rides.Lot of pics can be taken here..
Sia G.
You may can't afford to enjoy popular attractions like the Universal Studios, the Night Safari, the Singapore Flyer etc., but there are so many other places and activities to enjoy around Singapore for free. 
Deepali Chauhan
Day II - Super excited for Universal Studios & Sentosa Island. Bought a ticket at the entrance of Universal Studios SGD 175 to experience the magic that conjures blockbusters on screen, characters from animated films, adventurous feeling of roller coaster rides and was mesmerized by shows on silver screen. You actually need a full day to experience this.
Divya Chandrashekhar
Universal Studio-Asia's largest themed ParkUniversal Studio's is the latest addition and one of the most frequently visited tour attractions in Singapore.The park has seven themed sections with numerous rides and shows all related to eminent hit movies.Never miss the transformer ride.
Sheetal Goel
Get ready for the ultimate Hollywood experience!! Universal Studios, Singapore is a full day action-packed family entertainment package: thrilling shows, heart-pounding rides, a real movie studio, death defying stunts live-in action, Steven Spielberg's hosted Special Effects show and much more. It's overwhelming to see and experience the best of Hollywood all together at one place.Since one day isn't enough to visit entire Universal Studios, so here I am suggesting the best in the list. Rest of the attractions can be missed if time doesn't permits but don't miss the following ones:1. Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure @ Jurassic Park**2. Canopy Flyer @ Jurassic Park3. Water World Show @ Jurassic Park**4. A Crate Adventure @ Madagascar5. Shrek 4-D adventure @ Far far away6. Revenge of the Mummy (Indoor roller coaster)**7. Lights, Camera, Action: Hosted by Steven Spielberg**8. The Cruisers show outside Mel's Drive-In 9. Transformers the Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle @ Sci-Fi city**10. Battle star Galactica (BSG) roller coaster @ Sci-Fi city11. The Rockafellas @ Newyork**Best of the best. Cannot be missed at any cost.Expert tip: If you are visiting Universal Studios on a weekend, enter the rides as a Single Rider to avoid long queues. Only then you'll be able to cover maximum attractions.
moumita chakraborty
Those days with Doordarshan-2 dedicating 1 dumpy hour to Disney’s cartoons, and me rushing back from school to catch that… It was indeed a race against time. And then I visited Universal Studios, Singapore in March 2013. One whole day of everything I could ever want as a kid. We reached there by 9:30 AM by the Sentosa express. The entrance itself was enchanting and I was bubbling with excitement. At the entrance, we got our map to navigate through the place. And as I was pouring in to take a look into the map, Po (KungFu Panda) startled me. It was the pleasantest surprise ever. After a few clicks with Po, we sat on a bench to decide the plan for the route around the Studios. The map clearly showed the various sections, spots, entertainment and events for the day. On entering, it was Hollywood on the left and New York on the right. We decided to start from New York and end at Hollywood.Strolling through the roads to New York, we caught sight of a stage performance of Marilyn Monroe - a tremendously talented actress playing Marilyn. No one could keep their eyes off her and she did total justice to the legend. After the performance, we started to walk the roads of New York, when Oscar from Sesame Street welcomed us to a Sesame street ride. It was an adventure ride saving the spaghetti and meatball from outer space invasion. We fought with laser swords defending Oscar and his friends and on successful completion; we were gifted with tiny memoirs of Oscar and Elmo. We moved ahead and the huge Optimus Prime piqued my intrigue in the Sci-Fi city. I had always been a fan of Transformers and this was a dream come true just a 10 times bigger. We went to a 3-D ride into the SciFi station, where Bumblebee and Optimus Prime talked to us and led us to a mission against Dinobots to save mankind. I was a “Private” following the orders of Optimus Prime. I was at the top of the world, if you can believe me. After the ride we came out to go to the Red and Blue roller coasters. Zooming at speeds of 85 kmph, the rides took us almost 14 storeys into the air and zig zagging we came down. Woohooo... it was amazing.The fast and furious start of the venture made us slightly light headed, so we strolled forward from SciFi to Ancient Egypt. The sand, sun and history came alive with the change in the scenery. There were two major attractions, Revenge of the Mummy which was ride through a tunnel plunging into darkness. Then the action starts, with mummies, warriors, Egyptian Gods and Godesses, Pharaohs coming alive and startling at every turn. Scary it was! The other one was an interesting ride where we could drive the desert excavation slides while hunting for treasure with clues given at various places. The Egyptian treasure hunt brought us to a real life treasure: Oasis Spice Café. It was an Egyptian Themed buffeteria serving Middle Eastern specialties. It was awesome. After the sumptuous lunch, we took a stroll into the merchandise store in Ancient Egypt. It had replicas of historical artifacts, mementos from the movie series “Mummy” and many more. And coming out of it, Brendan Fraser (actor dressed alike) walked towards me with an impish grin. Awww!!!! I felt like 16 again, glowing with Brendan standing next to me. (blush, blush)Then we moved towards the world of The Lost World. Now we were at a tie to either watch the movie “Waterworld” enacted by actors with real actions or go to the Lost world. Finally we had to toss a coin to decide. And Waterworld it was. The bargain was a great one, loaded with fun. It was a brilliantly enacted action movie with audience interaction. When we walked out of the arena, we were drenched in water, but I did not miss the chance to take a few snaps with the actors. The movie might never have appealed to me as much as the enactment. Fabulous!And then we landed in the land of Far Far Away where Shrek and Fiona were waiting to welcome us. We clicked a few pictures with the ruggedly handsome Shrek and the ever loving Princess Fiona. Then we went for a 4-D Adventure where we literally saw, heard and felt the action as we joined Princess Fiona and Shrek in a fairy tale. At one point, I almost jumped out of my seat when a spider came crawling… Well not a real one… It was 4-D after all! It led us to the Donkey’s interactive live show. We sang along with Donkey and had a frolicking time.Moving along, we met Gloria who led us to Madagascar. We took pictures with Gloria and went for a water ride through the tunnel which surprised us with Alex, Melman, Skipper, Fossa, Marty, Kowalski and Private coming alive and guiding us. Out of all, Marty was really chatty and Melman was super emotional. With a carousel ride with Gloria we walked into her Snack Shack for a feast on yummy Japanese delights.Coming out of the shack, it was Hollywood in front of us. The path paved with stars with name of actors on them made me feel Oh My God! After almost a 30 mins stroll through the streets of Hollywood, enjoying the sun set with the stars lighting the sky and the streets around me, my day of my childhood dreams came to an end. From rib tickling adventures to spine chilling rides, the day etched itself in my memory forever. Thank you Universal Studios for the lovely day for reliving the kid within me.
Divya Chandrashekhar
mansi sachdeva
DAY 3-UNIVERSAL STUDIO:- This was our last stop in Singapore and it was as good as we expected it to be. Universal studio is something pars anybody's imagination. The park has seven themes namely New York, Hollywood, Egypt, Jurassic park, Madagascar, Far far away and Sci-Fi. Each theme was built separately and had rides, entertainment and shows based on it. I had a superb time riding on huge roller coasters and other rides.
great place to visit without fail
Kirti Gupta
Situated on the island of wonders "Sentosa Island" is the Universal Studios of Singapore. As i have been to the one in Los Angeles before so i found it smaller in size but all major rides are here and so for the first timer it is surely going to be an enthralling experience. I specially liked the "The Mummy" part where they have done detailed Egyptian artwork to let their visitors get a true feel of the movie. My Tips: - By the tickets from the main counter as there you will be getting free food coupons. -If there is a huge rush then act smart and start from the last ride.
Saee T
Universal Studios Singapore is the best way to start your Singapore exploration. You get accustomed to walking since the very first day and for the rest of the trip, walking doesn't bother you! It is divided in seven zones namely Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City and New York. The minute details taken care of while building the Studio is worth appreciation. Each zone is beautifully crafted to give you its typical feel. People quote that Universal Studios is for kids. I strongly disagree to this. It is for each and everyone who can enjoy happiness out of small things. We started off with the Shrek Ride in Madagascar followed by the Jurassic Park ride. The best and the most unforgettable part was - Transformers - The Ride in the Sci-Fi City. It was an unexpected delight and we couldn't resist ourselves from taking the ride again (after waiting for 50 mins in the queue) as once was not enough!
Priyanka Nayak
A place not to miss on a trip to Sentosa island and the Universal Studios. From the Madagascar to an adventurous journey with Shrek and then a stand up show with the donkey each of the rides / attractions were nothing but the best. The accelerator the ultimate 3D battle - Transformers are a must do in the science friction area. Do checkout the timing of the street plays so don't miss them while u walk through the New York City. A photo with the taxi in New York is something you will enjoy getting clicked for perfect dinning room picture ;) The place has a lot of restaurants with varied cuisines. You could pick up some souvenirs from the Universal Stores to take back home. We had gift vouchers which could be exchanged at almost all places inside the universal.
For all ages this park is really nice , offers number of activities for children. I visited 2 times during my stay to fully enjoy this park.The attraction i loved more than anything is " 4D Transformers". Really good!. Do not miss!. . The problem i face that: Many attractions close during the day for technical concerns, and local do not give you any information about the re-opening ... it's an overly expensive entry !! it is a fantastic park. And I loved it!
Shantanu Trailokya
Dont miss this one. This is an entire day to live your childhood. Travel through the studio to enjoy hollywood style themes and crazy ride across the park. There are various themes such as the Jurassic park, Sci-fi city, Newyork City, Hollywood boulevard, Ancient Egypt and Shreks Far Far Away. Dont Miss: Transformers the Ride
Universal Studios is a theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore. The park consists of seven themed zones which surround a lagoon. The themes include Hollywood, New York, Sci Fi, Ancient Egypt, The lost world, Far Far away, Madagascar.. Its fun along the rides . Can spend one whole day here in theme park.
Anuradha Saha
I could spend a week here ! We went there for a day and it was the experience of a lifetime. I met my favorite characters like Po (Kung Fu Panda) , Alex ( Madagascar), Penguins ( Madagascar) Shrek and many more. I would love to go there again and again many more times. The rides were really nice . My personal favorites are Transformers,Jurrasic Park,The Mummy and Far Far Away..I could sit and stare whole day at the beautiful Disney Style castle. Its lovely ! Its best to go there on a weekday and reach early when the park opens ! Do not go on weekends or public holidays because its jam packed and you would have to queue up for long hours! Had amazing time walking around Boat Quay and Clark Quay. Chilling at one of the pubs there is a must ! If you wanna visit a picture perfect place where everything is in complete order that you would marvel at the ease of your existence this place is for you ! I felt like a princess for ten days. One of the best holidays I have ever been to so far.