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Tanot Mata Mandir

Ujala Kashyap
3) Bike ride to Tanot Mata and Longewala War Museum.Bike riding is one of the best way to experience the Desert. Tanot mata is 120 Km from jaisalmer City. And Longewala War Memorial is approximately 40 km from there. The roads had a beautiful landscape of massive windmills, barren stenches of sand dunes covered with thorny shrubs and deserted trees. The magnificent road was moving up and down like a roller-coaster ride.
swati katiyar
Next day at 6am we left for very famous Tannot Mata Temple, reached there around 10am, very well mainted by BSF officials. Within temple they had maintained mini meuseam of war weapons which were bombarded by pakistan on India.
Situated 120km North West of Jaisalmer city is Tanot in Thar Desert of Rajasthan. You will find dunes all along with small bushes. You can see herds of sheep & goats on the way. Beautiful landscape. Total desert. It is very near to the Pakistan border and also close to the battle site of Longewala of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. Last civilian point in India on the border. Tanot Rai Mata Temple is an old temple with a history of India Pakistan war of 1965. Hundreds of shells fallen here did not harm the temple. Some bombs are on display at the temple. Maintained & Managed by Border Security Force of India. Keep food & water with you. Very few populations.
Hani Modi
Hello and Good morning again...This day we kept for Tanot and Longewla . A very unique history of Hindustan Pakistan fight and unbelievable win of india.Tanot is 100 kms away from Jaisalmer. there is a mataji temple and it has a rich history that after falling 350 bombs the Mandir was not affected after getting this much attack in a war. The Indian army and the people has an unconditional love and trust in this Temple.
Shashank Jain
After spending some good time at the place, we left for Tanot Mata Mandir which is another 50-60 kms from there. Mandir is managed by BSF. We worshipped Tanot Mata and talked about the story associated with the temple (which you can read online).At the template gate, there was an unusual buzz going around under a small shade. Inquiring there we found that it was regarding permission to visit India Pakistan border. Sadly, we came to know that we required to have permission from Jaisalmer headquarters. I had given up but my brother-in-law stood there helplessly trying to think of a way to get the permission.Looking at his dejected face, a soldier came and asked us if we wanted to go. He nodded immediately. The soldier took his ID card and gave us permission to go. I couldn’t believe and ran immediately to the car and came back racing it. Apparently, the border entry closes at around 4.15 PM and it was 4.05 PM and they were allowing the last batch of visitors. We just made it in time.