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Ravi Kumar Rana
However, somehow I reached my destination after a long struggle on roads. During my journey I took only 3 stops first out of which first one was at Cheetal Grand (Khatauli). It's a good place to take rest and have snacks. I reached here after clearing the huge traffic on road. It took me 2 hours to reach here. I was here by 6.00PMIt was a good place and after taking some rest for approximately 20 minutes, I started my journey again. So far I have covered approximately 110 KMS and the distance between Khatauli & Rishikesh is 144KMS. I knew that it is not going to easy for me to clear these 144 KMS because the traffic jams were there because of Kanwar yatra. I continued my journey and decided to take another stop nearby Roorkee which is around 76-80 KMS from here.I started moving at 6.30 and before Roorkee at Muzaffar Nagar, all the bikers were redirected to Laskar (Uttarakhand) because of nuisance created by huge uncivilized crowd. It added few extra kilometers in drive. The problem with this route is, it's smooth as national highway. It is narrow and full of local traffic. Also you can't drive in a lane or straight way as it has many turns and there's no traffic rules on this route. You may find people driving according to them on this route. So it took me some extra time to reach Laksar.