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Rajat Kumar
India Nepal Sunauli BorderWe reached the border and crossed it. The security officers checked our IDs, bags etc. We had two guitars so they asked us to play something for them. We got our currency exchanged. We went to a dhaba and got freshened up. We had to get to bus to Kathmandu. Thus, Basil had a deal with a bus agent and we were taken to the bus stop in a jeep. There, we boarded the bus and after some time, the bus drove off. It was a bus with no room to rest your legs. It was all congested and I had a hard time adjusting my legs, considering my height.
Sushant Panda
Entry to the country is a land of snow peaks and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras Nepal. Going from India to Nepal, Nepalese visas are available on arrival. Coming from Nepal to India?? Hope you have visa already as no visas are available on arrival to India. •If you're an Indian citizen, you don't need a visa or a passport to cross the border. Acceptable documents include ration card, voters ID, and driver's license with photo. However, you can cross the border anyway, no one will stop you. The same is the case for foreigners, so do keep an eye out for the immigration offices in order not to miss them!